10 Years Of Louis Tomlinson: Throwback To The Launch Of His Career!

Can you believe Louis Tomlinson‘s career started ten years ago today? However, it seems like it was only yesterday that our favorite Doncaster lad was walking upon the stage of the X-Factor. Since then, little Louis has grown up. He has built a reputation first through One Direction and then his solo career. Louis from One Direction has become Louis Tomlinson, one of the biggest British artists in the music industry, surrounded by his supportive and dedicated Louies. Here is a throwback to 10 years Louis Tomlinson, for his fans only.

Louis finding out his billboard for Walls in Timesquare!
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July 10th, 2010: A star is born

Coming from Doncaster to audition in Manchester, Louis proudly holds his number 155204 on the picture taken in the queue. He gets in after singing “Hey There, Delilah” in front of the judges… and then fails in Bootcamp with “Make You Feel My Love”. On July 23rd, the judging panel decides to give him a chance. Louis teams up with Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik to continue as a band. One Direction is born. They end in third place with a huge fandom ready to keep on following them.

Louis at the X-Factor
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2010 – 2015 : The One Direction Era

One Direction’s career started during their X-Factor adventure. It eventually got bigger when they released their first single ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, and their first album Up All Night. (Don’t play the innocent card, we all lost our minds on those tracks!) They then went on worldwide tours, performing in front of millions of fans all over the world.

However, Louis felt like he was missing something to find his place in the band. That’s why he started writing some of the most emotional lyrics of the band (Strong, Love You Goodbye, Home), and what helped him be more confident.

10 years of Louis Tomlinson
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2016 – 2018 : Trying to find the ‘Tommo Way’

The band’s hiatus took Louis aback. He confessed later on that he wasn’t ready to go solo back then, and spent quite some time thinking of what he should do.

But the continuous support of his loyal Louies made him want to try and go on with his own career. He started it with ‘Just Hold On’ in December 2016, featuring DJ Steve Aoki, that had a huge international success. He then released ‘Back To You’ in July 2017 with Bebe Rexha, and his first solo songs by himself ‘Just Like You’ and ‘Miss You’ at the end of 2017. But Louis had much more to show!

10 years of Louis Tomlinson
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2019 – 2020 : Louis Tomlinson Era

In 2019, Louis released a song dedicated to his Mum, called ‘Two Of Us’. This new single made him rethink of his vision of success. After writing an Instagram post about it, he decided to postpone the release of his album.

Consequently, he announced later in the year, after a come-back with a series of new singles called ‘Kill My Mind’, ‘We Made It’ and ‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart’. In the meantime, he announced his first worldwide solo tour with more than 60 dates.

Walls, the album was finally released on January 31st, 2020, making Louies fall a bit more for Louis. Honest, bittersweet lyrics carried by pop/indie sounds inspired by the British bands from the 90s, and a delicate voice that sounds like no other on top of it.

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Louis started his solo tour in Spain and is certainly ecstatic to go back on stage as soon as he can!

10 years of Louis Tomlinson
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So, Louies, how are we feeling? Nostalgic about those 10 years of Louis Tomlinson? Excited about the tour? Let us know how long you’ve been a fan of Louis and if you’re seeing him on tour by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPop, or leave a comment below! And remember that you can vote for ‘Walls’ for the Song of The Summer here!

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  • i really proud of him and his strength,,he is really strong person :)) wanna met him soon tho

  • I just love him. He is very very very very very talented and kind. And he has carry so much pain so he deserves so much more.

  • We miss u Louis and also we want 1DIRECTION back I live every day for 1DIRECTION reunion plsss come back . I’m waiting for 23 July just to have my dream come true😭❤

  • I became his fan this year about 8 months ago when my sister started talking about 1d and my first question was who is that with the biggest smile and blue eyes. I felt connected to Louis instantly and he’s still my fav and will always be, he knows we all love him and he us too 🙂

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