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Juice WRLD: Legends Never Die

Juice WRLD: Legends Never Die

Juice WRLD, the man that just doesn’t quit even from beyond the grave. Gone too soon and sorely missed. July 10th, 2020 marks the release of his posthumous album. Juice WRLD was a special kind of artist whose words touched millions of hearts.

The trailer was released July 6th and it was… simple. Sitting at 40 seconds we feel the impact of his words all the more fresh and open. The word simply doesn’t get the thought across. The words cut down to the essence of the struggle. It was punctuated and raw. Just like this album:

Some of the songs off this album have already been lovingly written over in our FMF or Rap Up. Songs such as ‘Come & Go’ ft Marshmello, ‘Life’s a Mess’ ft Halsey, ‘Righteous’, and ‘Tell Me U Luv Me’ ft Trippie Redd. Now let’s take a dive into the other 11 songs.

Legends Never Die

Alright so here’s the rundown and if Halsey taught us anything it’s listening from top to bottom first. To open up this crying hour (yes we got a good 55 mins of run time) we get ‘Anxiety – Intro’. If you needed a pick me up if you need someone to cut through the BS going on in the world today this is it. There’s a whole lot more to this world we’re livin’ in and we’re not going to paraphrase. We’ll let Juice WRLD speak to your heart. A more or less bare-bones spoken world really gets our attention and then we go right into it with ‘Conversations’.

The story spinning out before us is true to Juice’s character. By the time we make it to ‘Get Through It – Interlude’, we are feeling heavy. The ups of the music and downs of the lyrics tug us in competing ways. Traveling through anxiety, depression, escaping by whatever means necessary, and pining for love or peace.

Some noteworthy additions are another collab with Marshmello featuring Polo G and The Kid LAROI on ‘Hate The Other Side’. A packed collaboration with melodic verses and a flow that runs seamlessly between each participant. Of course, with 15 songs we get a second Interlude ‘The Man, The Myth, The Legend’. A conversation about freestyle with commentary about Juice WRLD’s freestyle talents.

Yo, shoutout to Juice too, man Like, yo, he, that kid was so talented, man He like, his, his freestyle he did on Westwood Where he rapped for an hour, like what the fuck? It to be so young He like mastered that so fucking quickly

EminemKXNG Crooked

What Juice was to our generation, bro And the impact he had on us is what Biggie did for New York, for real Like, I really think, uhm, what, he had that Biggie, Pac effect You know what I’m sayin’?

G Herbo

To finish this album off we still have four songs. The perfect wind-down to an impressive and love-filled collection of Juice’s unreleased works. And to round it all off, we get ‘Juice WRLD Speaks From Heaven – Outro’… if you weren’t ballin’ you sure are now, aren’t you?

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We here at The Honey POP will miss Juice WRLD. Whether you’re new or been here, there’s still more to come. Juice WRLD was a phenomenal artist with talent and the work ethic/drive to match. “You can do anything you set your mind to, ignore the haters”.

So what did you think? Love the songs? Miss the artist? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook, Instagram, or @TheHoneyPOP

Juice WRLD:

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