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Stand Under The Purple Lit Sunset While Listening to Sunmi’s ‘Pporappippam’

Stand Under The Purple Lit Sunset While Listening to Sunmi’s ‘Pporappippam’

Ex-member of Wonder Girls and now promoting as a soloist, who also won the Gaon Chart Music Awards’ Song Of The Year in both 2018 and 2019 for her songs ‘Gashina’ and ‘Lalalay’, the “K-pop Queen” Sunmi is back again! This time, she is back with the bop ‘Pporappippam’.

According to Melon (a Korean music streaming site), ‘Pporappippam’ is a song about “a love that stimulates an enticing imagination.”

The lyrics and their meanings

‘Pporamppippam’ or ‘보라빛 밤’ translates to ‘the purple sky before sunset.’ This song is comparing their love with this purple sky. This is comparing their love to the purple sky you see just before the sun sets, beautiful but short-lasting.

At the very start of the song, the lyrics speak of her lover being willing to do anything for her but she expresses that all she wants is to spend the night with her lover. She mentions how the guy disappears the moment she opens her eyes but even so, she will wait for him to come again. She says that she thought the night they spent together was like a dream but in actuality, it was reality.

This song tells of a beautiful story of a love that may seem short-lasting but is a truly deep love.

Let’s examine the video now, shall we?

The Music Video:

Source: Sunmi ‘Pporappippam’ Official Music Video

The video starts with a burning campfire and there is a party going on around it. We believe that this represents the fact that their love was going well at the beginning. Next, you see her riding in a car with her lover, dancing, and then it jumps to her being washed up on an island, by herself, after the party. You then see her sitting alone in the window, longingly looking out.

Source: Sunmi ‘Pporappippam’ Official Music Video

After the dance sequence, you see her laying on top of a mirror. She then kisses the mirror and when she does, it breaks and leads her to her lover. We think this represents how she views the guy as a reflection of herself but when their relationship starts having problems, that mirror breaks yet she still finds herself with her lover. Although their relationship has issues, they still really love each other and are willing to work things out.

Source: Sunmi ‘Pporappippam’ Official Music Video

Then after the mirror breaking, you see her on the roof with her lover dancing while their love story plays out of the big screen. We believe this references to the fact that their love story is like one that you would see in the movies.

Source: Sunmi ‘Pporappippam’ Official Music Video

You then see the broken mirror again but this time, she sits up and the mirror comes back together. We believe this represents the fact that she is working on her relationship with her lover and things are going well even though at one time, everything was falling apart.

Source: Sunmi ‘Pporappippam’ Official Music Video

After the broken mirror comes back together, you then see her and her lover on the roof with fireworks going off in the sky. This is her celebrating their now good relationship.

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Source: Sunmi ‘Pporappippam’ Official Music Video

But it seems that maybe she is imagining all of these things because she is actually sitting alone in her living room. It then sequences to her having the party again and her lover is videotaping. This is her looking back on old memories when things were good and they were together. However, the ending shows that this is all the past and not currently going on as she is washed up on this island once again.

And so…

This is an all-around bop, simply put. It’s a beautiful love story and shows the struggles of true love. The beats of this song will really get you dancing. You definitely won’t regret listening to this song!

All the songs that Sunmi puts out are great and should be listened to. What is your favorite Sunmi title track? Let us know by tweeting us @thehoneypop or leave a comment below!


Featured Image Source: Sunmi Official Instagram

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