Moon Man & Slim Shady: Just A Story, But A Damn Good One

Moon Man & Slim Shady: Just A Story, But A Damn Good One

Kid Cudi and Eminem release fire single ‘The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady.’ A blockbuster hit – one we’re sure to watch.

Both Kid Cudi and Eminem are known for their marvelous artistry. Having been featured on hits, these radical rappers are no novices to collaboration. Working with some of the best in the industry on their own music has led these rap vets here. Where do you ask? To two absolute lyrical geniuses on one track together. Honestly, it’s more than we could have ever hoped for.

The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady

Kid Cudi and Eminem, or better yet, Moon Man & Slim Shady, two absolute icons, serve up a single that’s a full plate of bars. In fact, we’d consider it more of a three-course meal. Slim Shady, our superhero that never backs down from a good controversy, doesn’t stray from his consistency here. It’s stacked with some pretty heavy-hitting topics. Ones like people refusing to wear face coverings amid the Covid-19 pandemic, to the ever ongoing fight against police brutality. Making this single hit so much harder.

The stability of good flow, vibes, and smashing bars make this a mind-blowing collaboration. A collaboration we didn’t know before, but we’ve always needed it. Fans of both can’t help but agree to love everything about this song and the passion and persistence behind it.

Many are suspecting, hell we’re wishing for a collaboration album. Realistically though, settling for two more releases at least. Ending the song with “the trilogy continues”, they’ve put it in our heads that we are in store for more. THP can’t wait to catch Moon Man and Slim Shady’s next adventure.

To learn more about Moon Man:

To learn more about Slim Shady:

Featured Image Source: Kid Cudi on Twitter

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