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It’s Time To Fly Away To Neverland With Us And Our Peter Pan Dream Cast

It’s Time To Fly Away To Neverland With Us And Our Peter Pan Dream Cast

We guess the secrets out about a new live-action Peter Pan movie, but in case you didn’t know- WE’RE GETTING ANOTHER LIVE ACTION PETER PAN! In even bigger news, Jude Law was just cast as the infamous Captain Hook.

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We know, we know we are so stoked about this casting that we just couldn’t wait to share with you all our dream cast for Jude’s co-stars! So, grab your pixie dust and fly away with us to Neverland!

Image Source: Tenor

Peter Pan- Max Charles

Image Source: as posted by Max Charles via Instagram

Probably one of the most important roles in the film, and casting this role will require great thought. Don’t fret though, we’ve done the hard work for the casting director and have chosen Max to play Peter. He’s best known for his role as young Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man, and we have no doubt he will crush it!

Wendy Darling- Zoe Margaret Colletti

Image Source: as posted By Zoe Colletti via Instagram

Not only is Zoe beautiful inside and out, but she’s very talented! She’s known for her roles in Annie and Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, and we think she’d pull off the role of Wendy without a hitch!

John Darling- Jacob Tremblay

Image Source: as posted by Jacob Tremblay via Instagram

Jacob has quite a lot of experience in the acting world! At only 13, he has landed roles in some critically acclaimed movies, including Room, which he won Critics’ Choice Movie Award for ‘Best Young Performer.’ We have no doubt he would absolutely crush the role of Wendy’s brother, John!

Michael Darling- Lucas and Hugo Lavoie

Image Source: Gary Miller/Getty Images

If these guys look familiar, it’s because they played in Stephen King’s Pet Semetary! They rocked it in that movie, and we have no doubt that they would smash the role of Michael Darling as well! Just give them a Teddy Bear, and call it a win!

Tinker Bell- McKenna Grace

Image Source: as posted by McKenna Grace via Instagram

McKenna has been in the industry since she was a small child playing in popular soap opera The Young and The Restless as well as Crash & Bernstein on Disney XD. However, she probably was more well known as Chris Evans’ co-star in the movie Gifted or as young Sabrina Spellman in The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina on Netflix. She would be absolutely amazing in the role of Tink, and we are crossing our fingers for this to happen.

The 6 Lost Boys

Image Source: Tenor

Slightly (The Fox): Noah Jupe

Image Source: Katie McCurdy/

Noah has been in a large array of different kinds of films from comedy to horror, he’s done it all, but you’ll probably recognize him from The Quiet Place, or from the film Wonder. He’s the perfect candidate for Slightly, and we need it to happen immediately.

Nibs (The Rabbit): Iain Armitage

Image Source: as posted by the official Young Sheldon Twitter page

You may recognize Iain from CBS where he plays his most renowned character- Sheldon Cooper from Young Sheldon. We are a huge fan of his work, and he’s already taken on such a big role at such a young age. We know he’d be a perfect fit for Nibs!

Cubby (The Bear): Jeremy Ray Taylor

Image Source: as posted by Jeremy Ray Taylor via Instagram

Y’all remember IT, the 2017 remake? Well, Jeremy played Ben, and he was one of our favorites in that movie! We had to choose him to play Cubby because no one else could do it quite like him, he’s funny and a pretty skilled actor! Plus, Cubby may or may not be our favorite Lost Boy!

Tootles (The Skunk): Raphael Alejandro

Image Source: as posted by Raphael Alejandro via Instagram

Raphael is best known for his roles in Once Upon A Time, and the Disney show Bunk’d. He’s quickly climbed up the rankings as one of our fave child actors, and he is the perfect fit to play Tootles!!

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Raccoons (Twins): Fox and Dashiell Messitt

Image Source: Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images

These twins are best known for their roles in Fuller House and Grey’s Anatomy. They are absolutely adorable, and if you give them the costume, they will be the cutest raccoons you’ve ever seen!

Mr. Smee- Leslie Jordan

Image Source: as posted by Leslie Jordan via Facebook

Leslie doesn’t really need an introduction, but here we go! He’s best known for his roles in Will & Grace, several characters in the American Horror Story franchise, and Sid in The Cool Kids. He’s not only a great actor, but he’s spunky and hilarious and will make the PERFECT Mr. Smee!

Princess Tiger Lily-Dana Jeffrey

Image Source: as posted by Dana Jeffrey via Instagram

Princess Tiger Lily is supposed to be roughly around the age of 15 or 16, despite the movies all making her seem like a much younger child. Dana is known for her roles in Teenagers, Hello Moon and A Man Is a Man Is a Man, and even though she is older than Tiger Lily, we think she would play it so so well!

Image Source: Tenor

There you have it, Honey Poppers, our dream cast for the new Peter Pan film! Do you like our casting? Would you cast anyone differently? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Emily Defoor/The Honey POP

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