‘She’s Walking Out’ And We Don’t Blame Her

‘She’s Walking Out’ And We Don’t Blame Her

The electro-pop type band of Faded Paper Figures brings us a #MeToo inspired song. We last covered the band on a FMF. The band hails from Los Angeles California. Need some synth-pop in your life? Then check this out:

‘She’s Walking Out’

Described by comments on the video as being “A sense of freedom, a liberating experience” we’d have to agree with Ling Lee. Not only because we’ve seen the music video, but the quote taken from Faded Paper Figures spells it out nicely:

Lyrically, the song emerged from quite a different place,” John reveals. “I’d just watched RBG, and I was feeling the energy of the #MeToo movement. There’s something powerful about women who recognize when to stand up. It’s an anthem for women saying, ‘Enough is enough.


The cello really pulls us along with the force of the emotions this woman must be feeling. As she leaves an obviously heated argument for the streets of the city we feel her strength swell within us. The strength to walk away from what harms us, what hurts us, and what makes us feel less than. These visuals playing with the silhouette give us the perspective of all she can be and all she can go and do. The imagery of wise owls taking flight gives flight to her ambitions.

"So forgive her if it takes just
A little time to let it go
But she can't, and she will not shrug it off"

The lyrics are loving and lovely. Delicate and understanding yet encouraging and soft. Fall in love with the words of Faded Paper Figures just like we did.


1. Bones
2. Soldier
3. She’s Walking Out
4. All That We Feel
5. Fall From Grace
6. Valhalla
7. Unambiguous Love Song
8. Cogitate
9. Damned If
10. Dream Of Waking Up
11. Eleusinian
12. Count It Out

Here at THP, we’re dedicated to voicing for what’s right. If you need music to empower you we’ve got your covered. Need a pick me up? Our Positivity Place is where it’s at. You can reach out to us on all social media @TheHoneyPOP or by commenting down below. We look forward to hearing from you.


Image courtesy of Faded Paper Figures Twitter

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