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5 Reasons Why… You Should Stan M.O.N.T

5 Reasons Why… You Should Stan M.O.N.T

Though M.O.N.T barely made their official debut last year, with members Narachan, Bitsaeon and Roda, they already have quite the following. It’s only the beginning and there is a lot more to come so why not join the ride and find out why you should stan M.O.N.T.

1. Barely Getting Started, But They Have Bops

Their official debut album was ‘Going up’ with single ‘Will You Be My Girlfriend‘ which is such a good song! Since then they have released another mini album titled ‘Awesome Up!’ While also releasing singles such as ‘Rock Paper Scissors and ‘Tired’, plus more! The beats, the chorus, the lyrics, the raps, the dance breaks are always so good in their songs.

2. They Care About All Of Their Mints

Image Source: M.O.N.T via Instagram

When you start stanning them you’ll be given the glorious name of Mint, cute right? Whenever they can, the boys always try to communicate with their fans. Reading everything you write them and even replying!. They organize a lot of fan signs and fan meetings really anywhere they have a concert, so no one is excluded. They have a lot of international fans so they’re always learning more about everyone. They also have tweeted out their support in movements such as the Black Lives Matter movement. Currently they are having digital fan signs because of the pandemic. You can find out when the next one is right here, on their fan cafe or by following M.O.N.T Staff on Twitter.

3. They’re Extremely Talented

First of all lets talk about how they try to and succeed to sing in a bunch of languages! When they visit places on tour, they usually translate a song to the language that their fans speak there, which is pretty cool! Each member really brings something to the table, that isn’t usually common. Such as Bitsaeon can yodel! We know, wild right? Also Narachan can play drums, guitar and bass guitar and Roda can draw really well.

4. Please Look At Puding

Image Source: Courtesy of M.O.N.T

Which Kpop groups can you say have a dog and also have an instagram for them?!. M.O.N.T have a very cute dog called Puding. Which you can see in most of their live streams. You can also find Puding on Instagram with the username @pu_star! Though two of the members, Narachan and Roda, are allergic to dogs they still love Puding with all their hearts. It’s literally so cute to see how much they all love and care for Puding.

5. Part Of Something Bigger

Image Source: M.O.N.T via Instagram

As mentioned earlier, they are a new group, but what you probably don’t know is the group is known as M.O.N.T Original because they are one of the subunits along with M.O.N.T Arena, under the main group M.O.N.T. Which will consist of 9 members and three subunits. They are the only subunit so far with all three members. We do know though that another member for the full group was announced, which is Beomhan. We seriously can’t wait to see who else will announced!

So, are you stanning M.O.N.T now? Well, maybe we can help you out as a newbie (or if you’re already stanning!) with our amazing giveaway. We’ve got an exclusive set of one-of-a-kind polaroids from M.O.N.T themselves and you can get your hands of them!

Image Source: The Honey POP

We love the dedication they have to their fans and their music. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for M.O.N.T. Are you ready to become a Mint or have you already been one? What’s favorite thing about M.O.N.T? Tell us in comments down below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!.

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  • I just love everything of them, they’re always take care of their fans, they’re always trying to reach fans to be closer. I wish them all the success and love in the world because they totally deserve it. ❤️

  • Thank you for writting this article, I’m happy that everyone loves them worldwide 😊

  • They’re just the sweetest guys ever.
    I met them a few times now and they’re just amazing, funny, sweet, caring and very talented.

    I love all of M.O.N.T because of this

  • They’re just the sweetest guys ever.
    I met them a few times now and they’re just amazing, funny, sweet, caring and very talented.

    I just love everything of them, they’re always take care of their fans, they’re always trying to reach fans to be closer.

    I love all of M.O.N.T because of this

  • I love this article I have seen them live and have done a fansign with them and they are the group that never fail to put a smile on my face.

  • To be honest they are always giving everything they have for their fans. Also their smiles and happiness when they meet us is the purest thing ever. They are good at everything and know what they are doing to have us wrapped around their finger 😂 I love them for that ♥️

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