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Top 5 Webtoon! Hop On Before You’re Left Behind

Top 5 Webtoon! Hop On Before You’re Left Behind

Ever heard of Webtoon? Love reading? How about comic books? Well, lovers of art and story can unite under this stellar app and web page. Amazing stories brought to life and the opportunity for you to make your own. Be we digress, this is our Top 5 Webtoons you should be reading!

Age Matters

Status: Ongoing; Updated every Wednesday, currently 94 chapters

This one is for the older readers! Maybe even for those who are young and feel anxious about the future. Ever feel like you’ve hit a brick wall? Like life is coming at your face and you’ve no idea if you’ll amount to anything at all? Meet Rose, just turned 30 and a hopeless romantic finding herself in the worst and best situation of her life. On impulse, she quits her job after a nasty break up and runs to her best friend who leaves on vacation with her husband while Rose watches the house and takes over her odd job. She’ll be faced with trials that will help her grow and people she never thought she’d get to know. Just who is that guy next door? And why must she cook and clean for him?

I Love Yoo

Status: Ongoing; On Hiatus, currently 130 chapters

More of us than we like to admit have fallen on hard times. Sometimes we just want to scream at the universe and ask why our luck is so dull. Well, then you’ll feel right at home with Miss Yoo. Things heat up a bit when she spills her coffee on a stranger, a certain red-haired stepchild of wealth enters the frame. The sweetest of heart, all he wants is a friend. Will he find one in tough, food-loving Shin-Ae? Will his family intervene? Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions.

Dr. Frost

Status: Complete; 122 chapters

Lovers of psychology buckle up for a dive. We meet Dr. Frost, a young genius psychologist who believes all humans are the same. While the story centers around Dr. Frost we see him through the eyes and perspective of a young college intern. The story takes place at a college where Frost takes up as the head psychologist at the clinic. Due to the nature of some of the topics, we warn there might be triggering events and to proceed with caution. Dr. Frost also has a K-Drama for those who indulge in TV more so than reading.

Lore Olympus

Status: Ongoing; On Hiatus, currently 119 chapters

Ever heard the story of Hades and Persephone? Well, get ready for a modern revamp. Even if you’re not all too familiar with the story this is one of our personal favorites. Persephone is going to college and struggles between being grateful/understanding of her mother while also being a young adult with free will. Hades sees her at a party and with a little help from Aphrodite and Hera things get a bit strange and a bit more fun. We must put a trigger warning however, themes of sexual abuse and PTSD are covered in this webtoon. Please proceed with caution. We here at THP care about your well being and mental health. Our hearts go out to survivors of hard situations.

God Of High School

Status: Ongoing; Updated every Friday, currently 472 chapters

Mori Jin might just be our favorite protagonist ever. Think you know what this is about? You honestly have no idea. Welcome to the competition of a lifetime. The God of High School Tournament where high schoolers from all over the world will compete in a fight. All styles from karate, to swordplay, boxing, and even football are competing to see who’s fighting style reigns supreme. Crazy things are happening under the surface.

You may be wondering why we’re talking reading and webcomics in the anime chat. Believe us when we have good intel that webtoons might be a new era of anime:

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Video via Gigguk

God of High School premiered this month as well as Tower of God getting through season 1 with a quickness. Not to mention Noblesse (another webtoon) has an anime already. There is a lot of potentials as well as a lot of stories you can fall in love with. A lot of these webtoons originate in manwha or Korean comic books.

We’re stoked, how about you? Need more anime related content? Want some music suggestions? We have everything you need here at THP. In fact, why don’t you join us? Fellow Otaku are always appreciated <3

Here are THP anime we love to keep a balance of genres for your interest. For these Top 5 Webtoon comics, we had a large list to choose from. If you’re interested in a specific list ie romance or horror then we’re happy to oblige. Just leave us a comment down below or follow us anywhere @TheHoneyPOP


Featured Image courtesy of Webtoon Official Home

Images courtesy of Webtoon Wiki (Age Matters) and Webtoon (Dr. Frost, God of Highschool, Lore Olympus, I Love Yoo)

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