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Fit For A King Release Single ‘God Of Fire’ And God, It’s Fire 🔥

Fit For A King Release Single ‘God Of Fire’ And God, It’s Fire 🔥

Fit For A King releases single from the new upcoming album The Path that is due out September 18th via Solid State. You can pre-order the album here! Metalcore masterminds, Fit For A King created of Ryan Kirby (vocals), Bobby Lynge (guitar), Jared Easterling (drums), Ryan “Tuck” O’Leary (bass/vocals) and Daniel Gailey (guitar). They’re here to deliver us high voltage hardcore, once again. A showcase of the band’s ferocity, breakdowns, and lyrical bravery, this single rocks OUT.

Fit For A King – God Of Fire (Ft. Ryo Kinoshita of Crystal Lake)

A band that stands for the triumph over adversity, they’ve made a soundtrack for everyone. Fighting through life’s difficulty and pain, Fit For A King is relatable to all.  

Fit For A King stands for triumph over adversity. This music is the soundtrack for those who muster the strength to carry on, survive, achieve, and defeat all obstacles in life. These jams are a perfect for fighting through life’s most painful and difficult seasons.

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Fit For A King: Bigger, Bolder, And Just Damn Epic

Theology that uses values of fear over love, this song gets serious. ‘God of Fire’ central message Is about religious leaders who use the fear of hell and condemnation instead of love, advance personal morality, or their own personal translations of the scripture. Frontman Ryan Kirby shares, “They essentially turn a God of love and mercy, into a God of fire.” The second single will be a part of the band’s sixth album. The Path is expected to be bigger, bolder, and just damn epic. More metal then before, their sound adapts shredding guitar solos, while massive catch choruses we know and love are present and powerful.

The past has brought Fit For A King into some pretty dark places. For example, finding the pinnacle of hopelessness with album Dark Skies. This new collection helps the band to find their way out, overcome their demons. Kirby proclaims, “This album is made to be the soundtrack for your victory over what mentally and physically holds us back.”

There is no holding us back when it comes to loving Fit For A King. Do yourself a solid and keep these fellas on your radar.

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Featured Image: Courtesy of Big Picture Media

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