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In Loving Memory Of Naya Rivera: Her Life And Career

In Loving Memory Of Naya Rivera: Her Life And Career

It’s with heavy hearts that we write this. Naya Rivera was a beloved mother, actress, and friend. Hearing of her tragic passing has shocked us all. We are beyond heartbroken for her family and friends.

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We honor Naya for her legacy, and for the incredible woman she was. Not just with her interaction with friends and family, but with her fans as well.

She Loved Nothing More In This World Than Her Son

Naya has expressed on numerous occasions that being a mom was the greatest thing in her life. She loved her little boy more than anything. In addition, it was apparent in how she talked about him in interviews and the photos she shared on her social media accounts.

Naya Rivera: Brought Light To Darkness and Touched The Hearts Of Many

Naya Rivera’s most prominent role was that of Santana Lopes on the show Glee. On the show, Santana struggled with her sexuality. By the same token, it is a struggle that a lot of young teen girls can relate to. As this character, Naya was able to be the guidance that some of the viewers needed. Helping them become more comfortable with who they are.

Family, Friends, And Fans Commemorate Naya

The actress’s memorials have already started, and are beautiful sentiments to the life Naya lived. She was loved by so many, and as a result honoring her comes so naturally.

A Look Back On Some Of Our Favorite Naya Moments

Today, we mourn with the world over the loss of a talented actress.
A fantastic human being who loved her son, her family, her friends, and her fans. We send our condolences to Naya, and all that loved her. May you find peace in these hard times. Fly high Naya, and we will always remember you.

We’d love for you to share some of your favorite Naya moments, or share a story about her life in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP. You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram.

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