Kim Petras & Kygo Are Dancing On ‘Broken Glass’

Kim Petras & Kygo Are Dancing On ‘Broken Glass’

You can’t deny how good the music of Kim Petras is. She makes you want to get up, dance, and just celebrate life. Plus, every song has a sort of vibe to it that makes us feel ready to play at a party. Kim always has something new for us, and now it’s her new release with Kygo, ‘Broken Glass.’ And judging by the last few releases from Kim and her latest music videos we are so excited about this one.

The pop song features Kim’s flawless vocals, singing of a relationship that walks on broken glass. Though the relationship isn’t the best, they love every moment of it and it feels celebratory. So while the song’s message isn’t exactly about the best relationship it’s a great song to just have a good time while listening to it.

The video is also a literal representation of the song, though it’s not broken glass she’s celebrating on, it’s a broken-down car. With ashes falling from the sky, the video is icy and dark, but the song is fun and makes us want to get up and dance.

Watch the video below, and listen to the song here!

Along with this release, just days ago she performed her latest single besides ‘Broken Glass,’ her beach party hit ‘Malibu’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live! So as fans, we’re stoked to be getting so much from Kim and we’re enjoying every moment of it. Check out the performance of ‘Malibu’ below! Now, we’re just gonna think about how epic ‘Broken Glass’ will be live.

Do you love Kim Petras’ and Kygo’s ‘Broken Glass’ as much as we do? Let us know by dropping a comment or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured image source: Screenshot From Video For ‘Broken Glass’

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