Not To Alarm You, But Cavetown & Tessa Violet Are Sending Out ‘Smoke Signals’

Not To Alarm You, But Cavetown & Tessa Violet Are Sending Out ‘Smoke Signals’

Cavetown and Tessa Violet? Couldn’t think of anything better than them collabing. We’re in luck, because they did! They put out ‘Smoke Signals,’ and we’re in love with the track already. With the two together, we already knew how good the song would be before we even heard it. And hearing it? That just proved us right about how perfect the song is.

One of the comments to the music video perfectly described Cavetown (aka Robin Skinner) as “the ultimate 2 am-sitting-in-bed-overthinking songwriter.” And as you can tell, we feel the exact same. Tessa Violet being on the track just makes everything even better, with her voice combining smoothly with Cavetown’s voice.

‘Smoke Signals’ has us feeling so peaceful, it honestly feels like heaven. Actually, listen to almost any song from Cavetown or Tessa Violet and you’ll feel the same. But this collab? This one is our favorite so far. Though the song has a bit of nostalgia and sadness to it as they miss someone and the singers letting them know that they can come home, it’s filled with so much calm.

Listen to Cavetown & Tessa Violet’s ‘Smoke Signals’ here!

You can check out the music video for ‘Smoke Signals’ by Cavetown & Tessa Violet below! The video fits the song so well, as it feels nostalgic and yet it’s so sweet and peaceful.

Okay, you know this song sounds really good now. But imagine it at 2 am as you’re awake in the middle of the night? You can’t tell us that you don’t want to try that. It’s amazing.

Plus, besides his music, Cavetown also just released “Cave Collective,” a limited edition genderless clothing line designed entirely by Robin himself! You can check out the first edition of the line here!

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