Super Whatevr: Carhartts, Converse & Mark Hoppus

Super Whatevr: Carhartts, Converse & Mark Hoppus

In a dream of collaboration, Super Whatevr shares their newest song with pop-punk legend Mark Hoppus of Blink 182. Via Hopeless Records, Super Whatevr dropped the co-written, between the band and Hoppus, single. Aiming to encourage listeners to put their self-worth, self-value above all else. ‘Carhartts & Converse’ follow up Super Whatevr’s full-length release, don’t you wanna be glad? from earlier in 2020. Fans can check out the new single right here, right now:

Super Whatevr – ‘Carhartts & Converse’ ft. Mark Hoppus

Vocalist Skyler McKee validates this dream collab by sharing, “Y’all ever dream of creating art with someone you revere and respect? Yeah, I got to do that with Mark Hoppus.” A catchy lil bop about courage, strength, and holding steady when people are trying to put you down. Accepting and loving yourselves for all you’re worth, not for the opinions of others, Mark was a fantastic addition to the song. McKee adds, “Mark was an amazing person to work with because he’s so open to facilitating these conversations, and he’s just a badass songwriter in general.” No disagreements here, we’ve loved all of the work of mastermind Mark Hoppus.

“Enjoy the tune in your clothes that make you feel the most confidence and don’t let anyone tell you that you’re worth anything less.”

McKee concludes.

Confident and full of self-worth, we’ll be jamming this tune all summer long. Will you?

Super Whatevr Promo Pic
Image Source: Ashley Osborn

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To learn more about Super Whatevr:

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