Trevor Daniel & Selena Gomez Brought Us All New Life With Their ‘Past Life’ Music Video

Trevor Daniel & Selena Gomez Brought Us All New Life With Their ‘Past Life’ Music Video

Remember when Trevor Daniel and Selena Gomez released ‘Past Life’ and put out an Instagram live themed lyric video? Maybe you do, but if you don’t you should definitely check it out. Anyways, now we have the official video for the song! Of course, still starring our two faves together.

This time they first disguised it as another Instagram live, then it took an unexpected turn. As we saw Trevor and Selena on the live, eventually we got taken into Selena’s world. Literally. Not only did the video take us through her live and around her, but as it went close to her skin, it became a ground for planets. The same thing then continued with Trevor as we went around the world, seeing beautiful sights as we heard ‘Past Life.’

The music video was directed by GRAMMY-nominated directors, Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia, so no wonder it turned out so magical! Trevor and Selena recorded the videos themselves, and the production team made it into the experience it is now using CGI. So much went into the video, and we definitely didn’t expect it when it started out just as an Instagram live.

Check out the music video for ‘Past Life’ by Trevor Daniel with Selena Gomez below! And, you can listen to the song here!

Now, remember that lyric video we mentioned earlier? Well, we can’t just show you the new music video and mention the lyric video without putting it here for you to see as well! Check the lyric video out below! That one just might feel like you’re watching an actual Instagram live stream.

So, the question is, which video is your favorite? Possibly the one that takes us all around the world? Or the one that feels like watching old friends on an Instagram live singing the song? Let us know by commenting below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured image source: Jason Puma & Courtney Lopez

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