We ‘Stand Up’ For What We Believe In

We ‘Stand Up’ For What We Believe In

Tom Morello’s ‘Stand Up’ came out a little while ago. We loved it. In fact, we wrote about it in one of our favorite sections called Positivity Place. Need a pick me up? Feeling like the world is nothing but anger and sadness? Then that’s the spot for you. We feature things just like ‘Stand Up’ for which Tom Morello dropped an official music video!

This song was a nifty little collaboration between Tom Morello and some other artists: Shea Diamond, Dan Reynolds, and The Bloody Beatroots. The song allows us to help and ‘Stand Up’ for something. All the artist’s proceeds go to the NAACP, Know Your Rights Camp, Southern Poverty Law Center, and The Marsha P. Johnson Institute.

The music video itself is a tasteful little memoir to the times that have passed and the future we’re currently living in. The “observant” little birds will see… not a whole lot has changed. Events then and now are mirroring, so why isn’t the plight over? Why are we fighting a battle still years later? No matter the reason we will stand together and fight until we’re all equal. The high energy music has our blood pumping. We’re ready.

Did you enjoy the video? How about that conversation? Find our favorite conversations with artists or the latest music drop. Need something to read? We gotchu. There’s always something here for you at THP. Just follow us on our socials @TheHoneyPOP or comment down below. Let’s start a conversation!


Featured Image courtesy of Tom Morello Official Twitter

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