10 blackbear Songs Your Summer Playlist NEEDS

In case you haven’t heard of the sonic legend that is blackbear, get ready for the musical experience of a lifetime. Soulful R&B vocals combined with hip hop and trap beats, blackbear creates a musical potion like no other. Here are ten blackbear songs your playlist needs

1. idfc

Although old, the chill vibes blackbear gives to us with idfc are forever gold. This relaxing beat will have you in your feels whilst you vibe.

2. ‘Deadroses’

This alternative R&B track is perfect to bop! The entire Deadroses album tells a story with this final track tying the ups and downs together perfectly in a final bow.

3. ‘4u (Acoustic)’

Another chill vibe, a personal favorite of ours, is the acoustic version of ‘4u’! The simple guitar only enhances the soul in blackbear’s voice, and we can’t get enough!

4. ‘juicy sweatsuits (feat. Juicy J)’

‘juicy sweatsuits’ is definitely a soundtrack to your socially distanced summer! Lounging around in sweatsuits has never felt so good, and when that rap hits? You’ll have this on repeat!

5. ‘playboy shit (feat. lil aaron)’

‘playboy shit’ will stick in your head on a loop guaranteed! Only a playboy like blackbear could make such a catchy song never get old. 

6. ‘i miss the old you’

blackbear tells it like it is in ‘i miss the old you’! Let’s just talk about that iconic smooth vocal run when he talks about his girl leaving him for a singer.


Get ready for a religious experience with ‘HEARTBROKEN’. This choppy r&b beat gives us something new and fresh, but with the classic blackbear twist!

8. ‘me & ur ghost’

We, at The Honey Pop, swear that ‘me & ur ghost just hits different. Trust us; your playlist will appreciate this one. 

9. ‘hot girl bummer’

A summer anthem for the history books, ‘hot girl bummer’ remains the best self hype song ever. Get ready to feel like the baddest babe around with this song playing in your headphones!

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10. ‘queen of broken hearts’

blackbear is the gift that keeps on giving with his latest single, ‘queen of broken hearts’. We have not been able to stop listening to this since it dropped, and we’re sure you’ll be hooked!

Believe that you’ll be feeling the heat with these blackbear songs on your summer playlist. Have you got any favorites from blackbear? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: BlackbearVEVO Youtube

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