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8 Times Luke Hemmings Said ‘F**K Toxic Masculinity’

8 Times Luke Hemmings Said ‘F**K Toxic Masculinity’

A legend among legends that is turning 24, Luke Hemmings is not only a badass lead singer but also one of the most magnificent human beings ever to grace the earth. He does what he wants and stands up for what he believes in. In other words, he is absolutely amazing.

Image Source: Tenor

One example is that Luke isn’t afraid to say ‘F**k Toxic Masculinity,’ and rock nail polish, and makeup like the King he is. He’s putting a stop to the toxicity one step at a time.

n honor of this, and his 24th birthday, we wanted to look back on eight times Luke said ‘F You’ to the world of toxic masculinity, and crushed it! So, without further ado, let’s dive into it!

Image Source: Tenor

Luke Wearing Red Nail Polish Is Life

Not only has Luke rocked black nail polish like the punk-rocker he is (don’t @ us,) but he’s also rocked red nail polish! It’s a look that shook Luke stans to their core, and we’re living for it!

Luke With A Flower In His Hair? Superior

Soft Boi Luke is our favorite Luke. From his curls to the flower placed delicately in the side of his hair, it’s Luke’s best look. We love it more than words can say.

His Beautiful Custom Made Women’s Boots

In a GQ interview, he revealed he has boots from a women’s brand that he had to have custom made. He likes the brand, and his shoes are pretty legendary! Keep rocking those kicks, Luke!

His Photoshoot With Numero Magazine = Legend Status

THE MAKEUP LOOK IS FIRE! Whoever decided on Luke’s look in this photoshoot deserves a raise. Not only did his outfit slay, but that makeup is on fleek! Overall, it’s a to-die-for look.

His Gold, Glitter Eyeshadow In The ‘Valentine’ Video? We Heart It!

5SOS sung it best, “classic together like Egyptian gold.” Luke and gold eyeshadow is just a classic look we could get used to seeing. Keep rocking that gold and glitter Luke and shining like the star you are!

He Rocks Pink With No Shame!

From a pink cardigan at Coachella to pink socks and everything in between, Luke rocks pink like it is made for him. Speaking of pink socks, we’re still waiting on the DIY pink socks tutorial you promised, Luke!

Meet You There Era Included Chokers and Neck Scarves- He SLAYED

MYT era was the breaking point of Luke saying ‘F You’ as he started wearing glitter, and chokers on the regular! He’s rocking that choker, having fun, and living his best life. We love to see it!

This Iconic TikTok


Before and after listening to CALM 😎🌸 thank you for your support on the new album #5sos #stayathome #reallifeathome

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♬ Wildflower – 5 Seconds of Summer

This is by far Luke’s biggest ‘F You’ to toxic masculinity to date. From the pink lipgloss to the beautifully crafted corner eye decoration. It’s a look that blessed our souls, and we are forever in love with it! Plus, he looks so happy, and it’s made our heart’s swoon.

Image Source: Luke Hemmings via Twitter

Take that toxic masculinity! Luke Hemmings will have nothing to do with you! In all seriousness, he SLAYS every single trend here, and it made him happy, so that’s all that matters. Happy birthday, Luke! We hope it’s the best one yet!

Image Source: Tenor

Luke owns our whole heart, and we want to know which trend is your favorite! Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!



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Featured Image Source: as posted by Luke Hemmings via Twitter

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