‘Heather’ How We Have Waited For You!

‘Heather’ How We Have Waited For You!

Conan Gray fans, are you alright? We all know ‘Heather’ is a great song, garnering over 30M streams on Spotify and holding the number 2 spot on Conan’s Spotify list. We know this is no coincidence. So we’re happy to say ‘Heather’ now has an acoustic music video.

As of July 16th, ‘Heather’ is number 29 trending! You guys did that! We the fans did that, so pat yourselves on the back while we take a loving look at the lyrics and video. Just look at that lighting. The flowering heather is purple, and if you didn’t know in the language of flowers it means good luck, protection, and admiration. We’d say he hit the nail on the head with the lyrics and tone of this song. Twisting it just enough for a tragic heart-wrenching story.

"Walks by
What a sight for
Sore eyes
Brighter than a
Blue sky
She's got you
While I die"

‘Heather’ gave us our perfect sad boi hours cry. Conan Gray is a super in touch and in tune dude with detail. Those details running further to emotional detail.

Are you a Conan Gray fan? Did you love the video? What’s your favorite song off Kid Krow? Let us know in the comments down below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured image courtesy of Conan Gray Official Lyric Video

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