QUIZ: Plan a Holiday and We’ll Tell You Which Member of Little Mix Will Be Your Travel Buddy

QUIZ: Plan a Holiday and We’ll Tell You Which Member of Little Mix Will Be Your Travel Buddy

Summer is finally upon us and our girls Little Mix are giving us some serious vacay vibes thanks to their new single ‘Holiday’.

The girls have been teasing on social media for a few days with some throwback snaps of their travels where they looked like utter babes as they sun it up abroad.

It didn’t take long before eagle-eyed Mixers noticed something peculiar about the snaps… with what looked like lyrics blended into the images. One by one Leigh-Anne, Jesy, Jade, and Perrie shared their snaps and fans became super excited, even trending several hashtags on Twitter. The girls then started DMing some lucky fans photos of boarding passes, which really got them into overdrive with excitement!

Sure enough, it wasn’t long until Little Mix confirmed the suspicions and announced the highly anticipated new single for the LM6 era!

We want nothing more than to be waiting at the airport, picking up some duty-frees while waiting for our boarding number to be called.

So, we thought we’d use the power of imagination that can transport us anywhere in the world to our dream vacation, because it’s better than nothing right? Plus, in our imaginations, Little Mix themselves can join us. And let’s be real, it always looks like the girls have the time of their life whenever they travel. They must be the best to go on vacation with!

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So, if you take our quiz and create your dream vacation, we’ll tell you which of Little Mix will be joining you on your travels.

Plan a Holiday and We'll Tell You Which Little Mix Member Will Be Your Travel Buddy

Image Source: Courtesy of Simon Jones PR

Where Are You Going?

Image Source: Stocksnap.io
Somewhere tropical
Somewhere Full of History
Somewhere Fashionable
Somewhere Family-Friendly

What's One Thing You'll Be Taking Everywhere on Your Travels?

Image Source: The Blonde Abroad
Instant Camera
A Phrases Dictionary
Selfie Stick

Where Will You Stay?

Image Source: Business Traveller
A Hotel
A Glamping Site
A Camper Van
An Air BnB

What's On The Itinerary?

Image Source: Reddit
Going to a Theme Park
Shopping Sprees!
Lounge by the Pool
Go Exploring

What's The Plan For The Evening?

Image Source: Time and Date
Dinner at a Restaurant
Drinks at an Ice Bar
Watch a Fireworks Display
Experience the Location's Nightlife

What Souvenir Will You Bring Home?

Image Source: Mental Floss
A T-Shirt
A Shell From The Beach
A Key Chain
The Fancy Hotel Toiletries

All 6 questions completed!

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Plan a Holiday and We'll Tell You Which Little Mix Member Will Be Your Travel Buddy

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Little Mix’s new single ‘Holiday’ is out now

Image Source: GIPHY

So, which of the girls will be joining you on your dream vacay? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Craving more Little Mix? Over here!

To Learn More About Little Mix:

Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Simon Jones PR

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