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5 lovelytheband Music Videos You Need To Check Out!

5 lovelytheband Music Videos You Need To Check Out!

We cannot get enough of lovelytheband and with the recent release of their quarantine filmed music video for ‘Waste’, we thought we would take this opportunity to look back on their music videos. That when paired with the awesome music elevate these songs a step further!


The guys just dropped this video for ‘waste’ and during quarantine, they had to work with filming this separately. The improvisation works though when paired with this beautiful track. It’s just fun, and a happy escape to lose yourself within!

‘these are my friends’

‘these are my friends’ is such an uplifting and catchy song and encompasses everything a positive, loving track about friendship needs. It’s infectious in its spirit and paired with this colorful video just elevates it just that little bit further!

‘maybe i’m afraid’

This song is a fan favorite, and it’s easy to see and hear why. This emotionally charged song about fear, when paired with the narrative of the video, where the main character is battling with their identity and struggling to come out is powerful. It is relatable to many and extremely moving. You just need to see it for yourself, we get literal goosebumps every time we watch it!


Many of us consider ourselves a little ‘broken’ and this incredible track has become an anthem for fans of lovely. This video shows the connection between two ‘broken’ people and fulfills the tale of the lyrics within the song beautifully.

‘loneliness for love’

Ever mistaken loneliness for love? If so, you’re not alone and Mitchy, Jordan & Sam remind us of this with this bop. This song is a whole ass vibe, and the metaphor of the video is clever and enjoyable. What is the metaphor you ask? Well, we suggest checking it out for yourself, as we feel it’s open to interpretation.

Which is one of the many reasons we love this band overall? Many of their songs can be applied to various scenarios, which makes them so relatable and always keeps us wanting more!

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