‘brokenhearted’ is an Understatement With joan’s New Single

‘brokenhearted’ is an Understatement With joan’s New Single

We’ve waited over 4 months for this super duo to release their newest EP cloudy after being teased with the new songs live in March, but with most of the songs now out, it was definitely worth the wait.

Their latest release, ‘brokenhearted’ is a bop as usual, but this track will have you in your feels. They really weren’t kidding when they said “this one hits different.” So bring out the Kleenex and pints of ice cream cause you will be taken on a downward emotional spiral that’s hidden by sweet vocals.

Three years of my life just gone, and
I can’t seem to find the moment
You realized I’m not the one, and
Walked right out the doorway

The chorus of the song just emits a sadness that we didn’t even know we had, that lingers on a bit after the song is through, so we guess ‘brokenhearted’ does exactly what it was written for.

“‘brokenhearted’ is about sitting in your sadness, which is an important place to rest for a bit,” so you can “truly appreciate the growth when you reach the top of the next wave,” said Alan Thomas in a recent interview with Paper Magazine.

And if you think the song itself is a tear-jerker, the video will really put you over the edge! Recorded like a VHS-style home movie, we see Thomas sulking around his home after breaking up with his love, who can be seen during happier times on his television.

The video also depicts the band in front of a cute cloudy background that could be a nod to their quickly approaching EP!

Our favorite part is the completely stripped away piano at the very end, where Thomas sings the last line “wondering why you’d ever wanna leave me” and continues the song with just the piano melody. All the yes.

Did you get shivers when you heard it too? What was your favorite part of ‘brokenhearted’? Do you have another favorite song by joan off their upcoming EP? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!


Featured Photo: Courtesy of joan via Instagram

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1 year ago

Great song touches my heart!


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