It’s A Playlist Day Ashe Style

It’s A Playlist Day Ashe Style

Ashe is an American singer/songwriter. She has been featured on quite a few amazing tracks. Let’s check out some of her music together! It’s A Playlist Day Ashe Style:

‘Moral Of The Story’

We had to start with this song. It was featured in All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved Before, PS I Still Love You. Her vocals are stunning and beautiful.

‘Sh*tty Places, Pretty Faces’

This song caught our attention and we believe this song will have you swaying slowly in your mirror. The lyrics have great meaning and we can’t get enough of it!

‘Girl Who Cried Wolf’

This songs killer beats will sure have you bopping your head, Ashe’s vocals are one of the first things you hear, we’re feeling a California vibe to it. A perfect addition to your summer playlist!

‘We Get High’

This is ahead bop worthy song, This you can play while chilling by the pool, beach or lake. Its dance-worthy tune will sure have you dancing on the shoreline picking up seashells.

‘Cold In California’

This is a tune you can listen to while sipping hot cocoa on a cold night snuggled in your blanket. A bop that should be included in your playlist all the time.

‘Not How It’s Suppose To Go’

Can we just say how beautiful Ashe’s vocals are here? This is a chilled relaxing song. Something we could fall asleep to! So soothing we have it on repeat.


We love this song, Somehow we find ourselves playing this one often. With a great beat, this song is sure to stay stuck in your head

‘Figured out’

We’re hit with her beautiful voice instantly! We firmly believe this is a playlist worthy song!


This track is laid back and something you can fall asleep to, her vocals are relaxing and the music is fitting as well

‘Real Love’

Last but certainly not least we have real love, Ashe performs the song live on her youtube channel. She’s a force to be reckoned with and we look forward to hearing what she comes up with next.

Connect With Ashe:
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It’s A Playlist Day Ashe Style. Are you a fan of Ashe? Did we list any of your favorites? Are you planning to add any to your playlist? Tweet us @TheHoneyPOP. Check out previous articles here!

Featured Image courtesy of Andreea

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