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That’s So 5SOS: Keek Edition

That’s So 5SOS: Keek Edition

That’s So 5SOS: Keek Edition! Have you had a favorite 5SOS meme? Has it stuck with you? Well here is a list of memes that have been golden through the years. We also included Keeks! There will be a few honorable mentions as well.

Towel Keek

This has 100% been a favorite Keek from the get-go. Joining the fandom early 2014 and still remember all their keeks but the towel one has been a favorite, thanks to the amazing bassist we cannot listen to Boyz II Men without laughing.

Haunted Venue

Haunted house? The boys sure have a vivid imagination, we wonder who told everyone else it was haunted? Probably gamer boy Michael Clifford. He seems to possibly have pranked the boys.

Best Friend Freestyle

This song is a hit, so why not go freestyle as Ashton and Calum do? We would love to see these covers lol we might even do our own. Hmmm…

It’s Loud For An Acoustic Set-

Their conversations they have backstage must be very interesting considering Luke is screaming “It’s kinda loud for an acoustic set Calum!!

Sugar Content Argument

Their energy in this is pretty funny, here we see our delightful boys arguing over the sugar content of a food item. They are super funny in this and we enjoy watching their little fights over everything. Also purple-haired Michael Heck yes!

It’s A Chocolate Milk Party

Because Ashton is adorable and chocolate milk is the superior beverage. Do we need to explain anything else? *Giggles in fangirl*

It’s Balsamic!

The boy’s friendship is truly amazing! It shows in this video, now that we think of it. It shows in many of their videos, tours, and anything the boys do.

Honorable Mentions

Now it’s time for some honorable mentions. We truly hope you enjoyed this! Ah, the memories and laughs we will all share.

Cuddle KEEK

This one was going to be added, it’s too iconic to not be added. We can all agree Calum and Luke are adorable.

Opening Nutella With His Nose?

We can all agree we tried this once this keek came out.

Quiff It Baby

I’m not too sure curly hair mixes with quiffing it. Poor Ashton’s hair is getting pulled. But this is still something fans say to this day.

See Also


Now, this is still a topic with my friends and I. This was just brought up in memories on social media.


This one had to be included. All of our voices are cracking!

That’s So 5SOS: Keek Edition! This was one of the funniest things to write! For more of the latest pop culture updates, check out some of our other articles here!

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