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Neck Deep: Five Reasons To Fan-Girl (Or Boy).

Neck Deep: Five Reasons To Fan-Girl (Or Boy).

For all pop-punk fans, we know that Neck Deep is an essential group to the era. Both in areas of progression of the scene and raw talent, these guys rock the genre. Whether you like it or not.

With growing numbers of fans of all demographics, most of us already have reasons we love Neck Deep. If you’ve yet to figure it out, well were going to lay it all down for you, with five reasons why.

Perfectly Paired EPs

With their first release Neck Deep stormed the stage with Rain In July. A six-song EP mostly all about girls, and one about posers. Included in this EP, iconic hit, you know the one, ‘A Part Of Me.’ This song took the band to new levels, but we can’t forget to give equal love to the rest of the EP simply because those songs are all equally incredible.

Image Sour: Neck Deep Official EP Art

The best news? It didn’t stop there. Their next release, A History Of Bad Decisions in 2013, was the perfect follow up to Rain in July. Both known for their extraordinary and unique artwork by Peter O’Toole, they were both eye-catching and ear-catching… if that’s a thing. While only giving us three songs to enjoy, we could never be displeased. The punch this trio packed is undeniable.

Positive Use Of Massive Platform

The band has used its enormous platform in many ways. One of the most significant ways this year was them getting active in the Black Lives Matter Movement. The band used their social media to promote black-owned businesses, fundraise, and support the movement.

The band also used their socials to promote drummer Dani Washington’s Rain Supply company as they sold shirts and hoodies. All of the sales proceeds went to Black Lives Matter and The George Floyd Memorial Fund.


Also, this year, as COVID changes the live music industry as we know it. Joining bands like lovelytheband, Neck Deep has used its platform to promote #letthemusicplay. This hashtag brings support to the live music industry. In an ode to help support artist biggest supporters: crew, management, booking agents, promoters who are in trouble due to the pandemic.

How does a hashtag help? Members explained to fans that reading and following the hashtag could keep you knowledgeable and informed. Like us, these artists miss live gigs and know that the music industry surely wouldn’t be the same.

Finally, in a totally different approach, the band did something to inspire and promote the greatness within the community. Video for single ‘Fall’ was a compilation of video footage of young skaters. These skaters already have a hell of a following, but The Neck Deep boy’s social count couldn’t hurt. These youngins are both talented and badass and deserve a little extra attention.

Neck Deep Meme-age

Because what’s better than memes about your favorite bands? Plus, they’re just so damn relatable.

Neck Deep And Their Exponential Growth

People love it or hate it when bands progress their sounds. Coincidentally we love both Neck Deep and their growth over the years.

While we loved the early ages of the band and their raw, angsty-ness, and ultra pop-punk vocals, it’s clear that things have changed. Barlow’s vocals have gotten higher, and come to find out he’s using his voice more safely, which means more years of Neck Deep. Plus, their added precision and use of instrumentals are always satisfying us fully.

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Keeping Pop-Punk Relevant

This band has made its stain on the scene. They continue to stay relevant within the pop-punk community. Kicking ass and taking names, they have to potential to take on the world. And for us? We’re here for the ride. 

Don’t forget to pick up All Distortions Are Intentional out July 24th via Hopeless Records

We told, now it’s your turn. What’s your reason for being a Neck Deep Stan? Let us know by commenting down below, or giving us a shout over at our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Adam Elmakias

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