So What! jxdn Is Back With A Brand New Track, That’s What!

So What! jxdn Is Back With A Brand New Track, That’s What!

TikTok star jxdn, has just dropped his latest track ‘So What!’. Now we all know he’s a bucket full of talent, but it turns out legends like Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly agree! It’s not uncommon for both Barker and Kelly to feature on tracks like this, and they’ve once again taken a track and bumped it up to another level.

Welcome to the new way of music, by yours truly.”


In case you’re not up to speed, after struggling in high school as an outsider, jxdn began posting on TikTok. After exploding on there, he set his sights on music and dived in right off the deep end. He only released his first single ‘Comatose’ four months ago, but he’s already one of this year’s rising stars in the Hollywood punk scene.

Now his latest track is another step closer to cementing his presence in the emo-rap scene and as a modern day rockstar. ‘So What!’ sees jxdn head back to high school to experience all the quintessential cliches associated with your schooldays. The video is full of cult-classic film references and even has a cameo from TikTok’s Sway House!

The song itself is sure to be a mega hit at shows, once we’re out of this pandemic that is, but we’re wishing jxdn’s tour drummer the best of luck in matching Travis Barker’s expert performance. The heavy drum beat is such a core element of the track that carries jxdn’s vocals perfectly, and the guitar is just the cherry on top!

Don’t take our word for it? Check it out for yourself:

What do you guys think? Did you enjoy it as much as we did? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section, or tweet us @THEHONEYPOP on Twitter!


Featured Image: jxdn via Full Coverage Communications

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