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Neck Deep Asks If Life Is Just A ‘Sick Joke’

Neck Deep Asks If Life Is Just A ‘Sick Joke’

Neck Deep drops what we believe will be the last single before the release of All Distortions Are Intentional this Friday, July 24th, via Hopeless Records. Is it a surprise to us that they waited for this one? Nope not really, and now we’re here to explain why.

Neck Deep X State Champs
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 As artists do these days, the video for ‘Sick Joke’ was filmed in quarantine. Having all band members looking blissfully isolated, but lovely none the less. Together as a team, with remote direction, and editing from long-time visual collaborators Chris Blockd and Elliot Ingram, it’s everything a quarantined video should be. Using a green screen, each member shot their performance sequence at home. Added visuals were created and animated by Harry Mitchell. A fan of the band, and a close creative collaborator, he has been very involved during the past months and the ADAI era. Visually pleasing, the group takes on a kaleidoscope-esc feel. Fitting perfectly here, ahead of Friday’s release, this song differs slightly from the rest of the previous singles.

Combining punchy punk, with an incredible infusion of pop, we can’t help but think that this sound is intentional. As for the meaning behind it, it also seems planned. A perfect ode to the current state of the world, we’re left questioning: is life some kind of sick joke? So far, the band has set the stage for Jett, the character in which All Distortions Are Intentional surrounds. Most of the released singles focused on him falling in love, being in love and learning love. While we’ve enjoyed it, some of us are bitter, and this is the one we’ve been waiting for.

Neck Deep – ‘Sick Joke’

As we struggle with finding our footing in the daily trenches of life, we’ve felt a little added pressure with isolation and the general wellbeing of the world around us. So for front man Ben Barlow to point out that this song “questions the fabric of reality whilst battling mental health” makes it the utmost relatable to all. A contemplation of life and its reality and internal suffering, we’re still here, and we’re not dead yet. Complete with shredding solos, dreamy drumming, and Barlow’s voice projecting in a way we never knew was possible, this song shows a new side of the album.

Who’s sporting the best quarintiene look in Neck Deep’s ‘Sick Joke’ video? Truthfully, we think they’re all looking niiiiiice. Looking is one thing, but sounding is another, and we think they score even better there!

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