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‘PAC-MAN’, Nomming Some Ghosts: Gorillaz Know What’s Up

‘PAC-MAN’, Nomming Some Ghosts: Gorillaz Know What’s Up

‘PAC-MAN’ is the latest from the Song Machine this week. Each song has been quite the transcendental trip. We’re digging the collaborations so far and the story so far. For this song, we get ScHoolboy Q as a feature. Whew boy, check this one out.



Produced by Prince Paul, Remi Kabaka Jr., and Gorillaz. Recorded in London just before lockdown, ‘PAC-MAN’ ft ScHoolboy Q debuts on the 40th anniversary of the iconic old school game. In true Gorillaz fashion, we’re merging reality and animation. Each member is doing their own thing hanging tight with ScHoolboy Q. Interestingly enough, each of the members is doing something that might take the edge off of a stressful day.

"You can call me cracked, you can call me mad and stifled
You can hold my hand, sail me into bathing light
Everybody knows, when I was sad, I fell for you
Everywhere I go, I'm stressin' out, I'm stressin' out
I'm stressin' out, I'm stressin' out, stressin' out"

Reading through the comments on this YouTube video can teach you a lot. We suggest googling to keep your facts straight. Plus check out the little Q&A Murdoc had in the comments. Find out the street lingo for cocaine (it’s relevant we promise) and just what exactly Murdoc is sitting in…

Also, what has Murdoc got this time? Have you been keeping up with our green fellow?

Gorillaz via Twitter

Need to get up to speed on episodes one, two, three, and four? We gotchu. This is only Season 1, where do you think we’re headed? What’s next for our crew? And who do you hope Gorillaz collaborate with next?

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  • What a great video. The Gorillaz are a different breed. I always have a high appreciation for bands that find ways to stay relevant for decades…think about it, these guys have been around for 20 years! ‘Clint Eastwood’ came out 2001 – amazing.

    Feel old yet?

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