We Really Like Being ‘Alone’ While Listening To Loren Gray

We Really Like Being ‘Alone’ While Listening To Loren Gray

One of our current fave stars, Loren Gray, just dropped yet another bop she recorded in quarantine. The last song she released was ‘Cake,’ recorded during quarantine and garnering over 2 million streams already. And now, we’ve got ‘Alone’! Another song recording during quarantine, and just as good as it would be if she recorded it at any other time. And as it turns out, it’s a perfect song for quarantine!

‘Alone’ is the first love song I’ve ever written. I’m so happy it’s out in the world and I hope my fans aka my angels love ‘Alone’ as much as I do.

Loren Gray

Check out the lyric video for ‘Alone’ below, and stream the song on any platform here!

‘Alone’ may sound like a song about being alone, by yourself, maybe feeling the effects of that. But in actuality, she sings about how she really likes to be alone with the person she loves. ‘I really like being alone with you,’ she sings beautifully in the pop track.

The song is absolutely perfect to be released right now during quarantine, especially as lots of us (though not all) get to spend time with people we love. This song is the mood we needed to calculate, but haven’t quite been able to until this song came around.

Now, you’ve heard ‘Alone,’ but have you listened to ‘Cake’ yet? The other song she wrote during quarantine? If you haven’t, check it out below! And maybe check it out again even if you have already, hehe.

Alright, now you know, Loren Gray can write bops during quarantine and just get better and better. Let us know how you liked ‘Alone’ by Loren Gray by dropping us a comment or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured image source: ‘Alone’ Cover Art

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