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5 Neck Deep Songs That Your Playlist Needs

5 Neck Deep Songs That Your Playlist Needs

Here at THP, we’ve made it more than evident that we are ride or die Neck Deep fans. While we understand that not everyone will see it our way (you’re mistaken), we figured we’d encourage you a little more.

How so, you ask? By delivering five ND songs that are necessary adds for your playlist. By the end of this, we promise to have you onboard too.

With a mix of all the Neck Deep we know and love, we give you songs that showcase these fine fellas’ versatility.

‘Kick It’

This song is one for the ages. If you’ve been around the scene for a while, we’re sure you’re familiar. If not? No better time than now. ‘Kick It’ features a bass line that rocks you to the core. Full of pure pop punk, a short but satisfying song, one we’ll never ever get enough of, is for us to adore.

Neck Deep – ‘Tables Turned’

Raw energy, there was nothing quite like the band in this era. Seeing this song live, sweating your ass off at Warped Tour? Nothing could be better. A showcase of Ben’s voice before its progression created an exciting sound of anger, angst, and absolute perfection. Plus, the break down at the end of this song? God damn magical.

‘Citizens Of Earth’

An absolute fire opener to album Life’s Not Out To Get You; we knew this album would be one for the ages. Difficult to pick just one from said album, this one landed here because of it’s smooth transition from aggressive, angry punk, to the light-hearted pop-punk we know and love—this one it just makes you want to rage, in the best way. 

Neck Deep – ‘Losing Teeth’

This song is an all-time favorite for us. Proving that Neck Deep has earned its stay as next-gen pop-punk masters. This song is full of everything we love about pop-punk, including serious shredding, absolutely INSANE drumming, killer vocals, and lyrics that are ever so relatable.

‘Wish You Were Here’

You knew this time would come. We’re sorry, really we are. ‘Wish You Were Here’ plants a hard hit right in the feels. A song about loss, well, it’s never easy, though listening to this song – it can help. In a plead to trade places with a person passed, and longing for their return, the band showcases their softer side. Even though this song could bring a tear to the most unbelieving listener, we’re glad it’s here.

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There you have it folks, a list of songs we find necessary to complete a true pop-punk loving playlist from ND. Can you dig it?

What songs land on YOUR playlist? We told! Now it’s your turn. Let us know by commenting down below, or catching us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

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