5 Reasons Why Zayn Should be on Your Stan List ASAP!

5 Reasons Why Zayn Should be on Your Stan List ASAP!

Starting his career in the iconic boyband One Direction, Zayn gained a lot of popularity. After his departure things didn’t stop there, Zayn continues to write music and release content for his solo career. He’s great so we’re bringing you 5 reasons why you should stan Zayn!

The Music is a Bop and The Vocals are The Cherry On Top

After releasing his debut single Pillowtalk, we were at the edge of our seats to see what else Zayn has in store for us, and boy did he give us options! Zayn now has 2 Albums and 17 singles out so we can cry over his talent and put it on repeat. Not only is the music amazing but his voice range is top tier.

Art and Tattoos

The way he expresses himself through art is something we will never get over. After getting his first tattoo in September of 2011, Zayn continued to place ink on his body. Aside from that, drawing and spray painting are two of Zayn’s favorite past times.

Image Source: Zayn via Instagram

Staying True to His Culture

Zayn, being part Pakistani, knows the language Urdu and has even put out some songs in the language. Intermission: fLoWeRis the 7th track on his first solo studio album Mind of Mine. This is not the only song he has sung in Urdu, he has also done a cover of the Bollywood song Allah du hai hai‘.

The Personality of an Angel

Although you may not want to get on his bad side, the way he carries himself gives off a chill vibe. He’s a sweetheart with the biggest heart who loves his family and cares for others.

Zayn has many times used his platform to speak up about things that need our attention. Recently, he spoke up about the Black Lives Matter movement and retweeted many different petitions on why the back community is being held back from equality.

Image Source: waliyah.azad via Instagram


As he got his start with One Direction, millions of fans, and big stadiums it was a shock to see him go. After only a few solo performances, things took a turn, and shows began to get canceled. We were confused and concerned. While his team was planning to tell fans he was only feeling unwell, he immediately opted out and spoke up about his mental battle, he wanted us to know the truth.

Image Source: one direction via Instagram

So, are you ready to join the Zquad? We are excited to see what he has in store for the future! What’s your favorite thing about Zayn? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Zayn via Instagram

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1 year ago

I love Zayn! Great performer and I miss him being in 1D but I’m happy that he’s following his heart now. Great article!

1 year ago

Love Zayn! I’m happy for him & his solo career! I love how open he is with his struggles. Very nice article! #ZyanStan


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