Trevor Daniel Tops Pop Charts With His Hit ‘Falling’

Trevor Daniel Tops Pop Charts With His Hit ‘Falling’

Trevor Daniel has risen to the top of the Pop Charts with ‘Falling,’ his 2x platinum hit! As you can tell, we’re a bit excited for him. Although the song was released in October 2018, it just now reached the top of the charts! You know, that’s pretty epic. Epic, but not surprising considering that you fall in the with ‘Falling’ easily after hearing it.

The song was featured on his album Nicotine, which dropped earlier this year. It details his feelings on a new person while recalling his last relationship and how that affected him, all with his emotional voice pulling us in. These days, you can hear the song easily on most pop radio stations, so no wonder it got it’s popularity and got the #1 spot.

To celebrate ‘Falling’ reaching the top of Pop Radio charts, watch the track’s music video below! Released just in January of this year, it’s already gotten over 127 million views! Plus, you can listen to the song here on Spotify!

This week has been great for Trevor as far as his success goes. Not only has he gotten the top spot on the Pop Radio charts, but he also just dropped the music video for ‘Past Life’ with Selena Gomez! Check that video out below!

If you see us streaming ‘Falling’ and ‘Past Life’ more than usual this week, you know why. Just a bit of celebrating for Trevor Daniel getting the #1 spot!

Are you stoked that Trevor got the top spot with ‘Falling’? Have you been listening to the song? Let us know by dropping us a comment or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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