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How You Like That? Here Are 6 Artists We’d LOVE To See Hop On A BLACKPINK Collab!

How You Like That? Here Are 6 Artists We’d LOVE To See Hop On A BLACKPINK Collab!


We haven’t even got over the hugely anticipated comeback single ‘How You Like That’ and our girlies BLACKPINK are teasing a new single for early next month!

In a retro candy shop themed poster, BLACKPINK teased that they will be dropping a new single next month with a mystery collaborator, and BLINKS lost all meaning of the word chill. So while we wait for more information to be revealed, we’ve been coming up with who we would like to see our girls collab with – whether on this next single or in the future.

Ariana Grande

Image Source: Dia Dipasupil

Okay, are you really surprised by us pitching Ariana? You want it, we want it, even the girls want it! The pop princess met the takeover girl group back last year when they were both on the bill for Coachella and got on like a house on fire. When asked on Twitter if she’d ever collab with them, Ari said “yes but I would probably pass out” and tbh so would we! And what makes fans believe this is the collab that’s being teased is that Tommy Brown who works with Miss Grande has also worked with these KPOP queens.

Speaking to PopCrave, Brown said: ” “I did a little bit of work with BLACKPINK when I went to Korea. I have music with them that’s really, really incredible. I think the world is going to love them. I also worked with Ariana Grande, you’ve seen some of it online. But we have incredible records with both acts. Right now is the time I’ve been my most creative!”

Shhh, we’re manifesting.

Steve Aoki

Image Source: Brian Ziff

This wouldn’t be Mr. Aoki‘s first rodeo in the KPOP scene as he’s already collabed with none other than BTS and Monsta X creating pure fire tracks so hopping on a BLACKPINK track would truly be everything. He is truly one of the biggest DJs on the planet right now so it seems like the perfect fit with our girls taking the world by a storm, right? The power it would hold.

Taylor Swift

Image Source: Neilson Barnard

TayTay has returned with a surprise album so right now is perfect timing since BLACKPINK is also in the middle of a comeback, they are both hot topics in the music world. A collaboration between these badass babes would be groundbreaking and chart-topping. Plus imagine on her next tour, Taylor could bring out the girls and perform together!


Image Source: Courtesy of SM Entertainment

Another idol on the verge of a comeback is Taemin! When he’s not busy with SHINee or SuperM, he’s making his own music. Truly a KPOP ‘IT’ boy! Since he has his eggs in more than one basket, what’s one more with teaming up for a killer collab? It would truly be a masterpiece.

Little Mix

Image Source: Courtesy of Simon Jones PR

Little Mix is another girl group that is absolutely dominating, so collaboration could create the ultimate girl group takeover and have the charts quaking! Little Mix – especially Jade – are also BLINKs plus a few years ago, they released a Korean version of their debut single ‘Wings’, so we know they’d be able to dabble in some more bilingual lyrics.

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Image Source: Courtesy of YG Entertainment

It looks like the BIGBANG member wants this more than anyone since the idol recently posted an edit of his face on the BLACKPINK members in the ‘How You Like That’ music video which truly had us in stitches… but also like it would be incredible to see them collab! Plus they’re under the same entertainment company, so it’s not impossible or very difficult to make something happen.

Image Source: GIPHY

Who are you hoping is the mystery artist featuring on this collab? Is there an artist we didn’t mention that should be manifesting to work with our queens? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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