Kiiara Has A New Single That Will Have You Questioning Your Past

Kiiara Has A New Single That Will Have You Questioning Your Past

Kiiara is back with another banger and we are already blasting it at full volume. Asking a question so many of us ask ourselves after a relationship is over, “How did I ever love you? Tell me how come, how come I still do?”

‘I Still Do’ is Kiiara’s first single this year and if this is setting the precedent we can only imagine the amazing songs to come! Featuring her known dance-pop sound with a catchy anthem feel to the lyrics, you’ll be screaming this out of your car for months to come.

Taking us back to times in past relationships where you’re stalking an ex through your friends’ social media accounts and trying to be the better person before falling in the trap of missing them again.

A cycle too many are familiar with, making this song so much more of an anthem to sing along to on those nights when the feels just hit hard.

Have you ever felt like this after a relationship? What’s your favorite Kiiara song? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!


Featured Image Source: Kiiara via Instagram

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