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Happy 10 Years! Here’s Our One Direction Top Ten Countdown to Celebrate!

Happy 10 Years! Here’s Our One Direction Top Ten Countdown to Celebrate!

Ten years?! How has it already been ten years since we watched One Direction come into being on our TV screens? The last ten years have included many highs and many lows. Countless records have been broken, hundreds of shows have been played and millions of friendships formed. So while you’re reminiscing, here are the last ten years!

One Movie Premiere

We all remember counting down the days until This Is Us was released on DVD; the craziness at Leicester Square in London, though was intense even for just us Directioners. Looking for something to watch today? Then what are you waiting for? Dig out that old DVD and take a good old trip down memory lane. Perhaps you’ll even spot your pre-teen self in the crowd!

Two Double Platinum Albums

We didn’t stan these boys for no reason! Turns out over the last ten years they’ve got two double-platinum albums with Up All Night and Take Me Home. Not enough for you? Every single one of their albums has gone platinum! Ten years later we’re still in awe at just how many records they’ve sold so to add to that we’re going to just listen to them all on repeat too.

Third Place on X-Factor

Much to our disappointment, our golden boys only came third after a rollercoaster ten weeks on our screens. We all remember how much we all cried at the prospect of never seeing 1D sing again too! If only we knew just how many records they’d go on to break…

Four Tours & Albums

These shows were the highlight of our year whenever we got to go, assuming you were lucky enough to get tickets! Bonus points if you bought all their live DVDs too.

The fact we got five whole albums in five years was a blessing we all took for granted. From the bubblegum pop tunes of Up All Night and Take Me Home, to the rock of Midnight Memories and indie-pop tunes from Made In The AM, we were truly blessed.  

Five Original Members

We loved them as a five-piece first. But none of us will ever forget the day we found out Zayn had indeed left. We’re all still in mourning, but we also got huge tunes like ‘Pillowtalk’ and ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ as well as Zigi! 

Six Hours of 1D Day Content

Remember the sheer bonanza of 1D Day? If you weren’t asking if you could ‘go to the loo’ every ten minutes just to watch more while we were in school, then you weren’t doing it right. Sorry, we don’t make the rules! Have a favorite moment from that seven hours of content? Let us know by tweeting us.

Seven Minutes Times Two = Fourteen Minutes of Carpool Karaoke

One of One Direction’s most iconic moments on The Late Late Show will always be their Carpool Karaoke with James. McDonald’s, matching outfits, and insane raps made for a rollercoaster ride. But *that* high note from Harry was our personal favourite, what’s yours? 

Eight Solo Albums 

While we’re all so sad that there’s been no new music since 2016, there is one upside: solo albums! Whatever genre is your thing, each member has branched out into their own favorites.

Is acoustic indie stuff for you? Then Niall has you covered. Rock tunes your thing? Check out ‘Kiwi’ by Harry. Modern Britpop hits? Louis has you covered. Sick collabs? Liam’s got that sorted too. If that isn’t enough then the honey-smooth high notes from Zayn on his solo stuff are delicious!

Nine, Tense Minutes of Tattoo Roulette

The second-hand stress we got from Niall still makes us laugh now! Nothing made for better entertainment than James being worried about having a 1D tattoo on his butt. Want to enjoy it all over again? We’ve got you covered right here!

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Ten Amazing Years 

The last ten years have been full of ups and downs. We’ve all grown up with the band, and look at just how far we’ve come! We might have no idea when a reunion is on the cards, but even more music from the boys while they all thrive in their own lanes is a blessing none of us thought we’d get, either. 

What’s been your favourite moment over the last ten years? Have an internet best friend story? A favourite concert? Or just want to remember the good old days when we all had *that* Easter egg mug? Hit us up in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!


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