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We Are Deep Under The Aces’ Influence

We Are Deep Under The Aces’ Influence


Last week The Aces released their sophomore album, Under My Influence, and after listening to the trance-inducing musical genius that it is, we know why they chose this title.

Starting off with the literal dreamlike single, ‘Daydream‘ we get a usual Aces bop. Fun guitar, a bumping beat and bassline and dreamy vocals with catchy lyrics to top it all off.

‘New Emotion’ gives us short choppy lyrics and a story so many know so well.

“You’re my friend
I shouldn’t be thinking about you like that
But I’m thinking like that”

If catching feelings about a friend were put into a song, this would be it.

The next track was also a single ahead of the album’s release, “My Phone is Trying to Kill Me.” An anthem we have been screaming at the top of our lungs because who isn’t addicted to their phones right now. Checking up on exes, trying to show someone your doing better, the whole nine yards.

‘Kelly’ abruptly changes the tone of the album, filled with a captivating guitar riff accompanied by lead singer, Cristal Ramirez’ sharp vocals and we have a masterpiece. Showing their versatility in this album, the fast-paced, ‘Can You Do,’ almost has a disco feel as the lyrics take you one a journey of love.

Having us questioning our every move, ‘All Mean Nothing’ continues this love journey, asking,

“Thought we had something
Did it all mean nothing
All mean nothing to you?”

The lyrics bring out some of the main questions people in situations like this may ask themselves to make sense of it all.

‘801’ transports us to a house party in Utah as Ramirez almost trips over the words with the band echoing in the background. But hold on tights before the album takes another sharp left turn with ‘I Can Break Your Heart Too.’ The slow instrument filled chorus is the perfect balance to the speed of the verses.

“All the games you play are boring
If you’re calling, I’m ignoring
‘Cause you’re just not as important
As you think you might be”

Give them what they give you, and show them can break hearts just as bad, these lyrics are just *chef’s kiss*.

Lost Angeles, the city of broken dreams and it seems now also broken hearts. “Lost Angeles, you’re the loneliest city I’ve ever known.” Need we say more.

This next one pulls on the heart strings, ‘Not Enough’ tells the story of never being enough for the one you love, before realizing that they are the problem. But even though you leave them, they are still engraved in your mind and that’s what ‘Cruel’ teaches us. The back and forth because you can’t get enough of someone, the pain it puts you through. It’s really just ‘Cruel.’

‘Thought of You’ is a nice refresher and upbringing of mood track, and the dreamy feel of the whole thing makes us daydream of our perfect person. It reminds us that there’s someone out there for everyone, their literal “dream”.

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“So I’ll hang on (hang on), hang on (hang on)
Hang onto the thought of you”

‘Going Home’ is the second to last track on the album and the first thing that stands out is the beat. Although slow, a definite banger that you won’t be able to stop yourself from vibing too. Making us feel as comfortable as it feels to be with the one you love, no matter where you are with them it feels like home.

Ending the album with ‘Zillionaire’ The Aces talk about how nothing can compare to the one they love, because with them they are already rich, they have all they need. Through the ups and downs of this album, this track was perfect to wrap it all up and it’s party like feel puts the cherry on top!

The Aces have charmed their way into our hearts once again and listening to this album will have you falling into their spell, but we aren’t complaining we love it here, the content is immaculate.

This album has been on repeat since it’s release and we can not wait to see how these songs sound live! What track have you had on repeat? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @thehoneypop!


Featured Image Source: The Aces via Instagram

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