Embrace ‘Life On Earth’ With Summer Walker

Embrace ‘Life On Earth’ With Summer Walker

Nothing can stop or slow down Summer Walker and the ‘Life On Earth’ EP further proves it.

‘Life On Earth’ Chart-Topping EP

If anyone deserves to top charts it’s definitely Summer. Okay, so the EP not only was in the Billboard 200’s Top 10, but it also debuted No. 1 on the Top R&B Albums chart. Summer herself is also the only female artist to release two top 10 albums in the past year, which is such a cool feat! If you have listened to the last two albums, you know that it totally makes sense.

A Summer Treat

Photo Credit: Timbuk Atakora ‘Life On Earth’ ice cream shuttle

Upon the release of her new EP, she along with Amazon Music created a really cool experience for her fans! From their cars in Atlanta, fans met up at Summer’s UFO where they received first glances at the project. But that’s not all! There was also a space-themed Earth Laser Tag and in New York, there was free ice cream and space candy courtesy of LVRN songstress. This is such a cool thing for artists to do, not only to promote their projects but also to show their appreciation for their fans.

Summer Walkers EP is a no skip album, and we know though she is already breaking charts, this is only the beginning.

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Featured Image Source: Interscope Records

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