‘Nevermind’ HRVY is Making This Summer Memorable

‘Nevermind’ HRVY is Making This Summer Memorable

Harvey Leigh Cantwell, also known as HRVY, is an English singer, dancer, and television presenter. With a new single ‘Nevermind’ and an album drop coming August 28th we’re vibing. A person’s words are the most telling, that and their actions. HRVY is no exception to either.

I wrote this song last summer with J Hart and Pollack, who have written some of my favorite songs of the last few years. I’m so pleased this track turned out how it did and that everyone can finally hear it and see how the new music on the album is going to sound.

HRVY on ‘Nevermind’

Along with this quote giving us an idea of who HRVY is working with we get a sweet surprise. July 25th at 9 AM/8 AM Central time we’ll get to see him perform the iconic new single ‘Nevermind’ on the Nickelodeon’s All That.

Hear it now, see it later:

‘Nevermind’ HRVY

This makes for song number 2 of his much-anticipated album. We are, personally, inviting you to dance. This song sounds like the epic final of a wonderful YA movie. The electronically distorted vocals take us to another world. We’re taking off the rose-colored glasses and seeing the world in a whole new way. The words sting so good but are brought to us in such a freeing way.

"Never mind, never mind, never mind
You were never mine, never mine (Never mine)
What a time, what a time, what a time
You were never mine, never mine
Thought you were falling for me, baby
You were just slippin’ through my hands (Oh, no)
Never mind, never mind, never mind
You were never mine, never mine"

Did you get your daily dose of HRVY? Need more music to get you through the day? We here at THP gotchu!

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