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NOACF: The Exhibition Presented By The 1975

NOACF: The Exhibition Presented By The 1975

NOACF The 1975

The 1975 recently released album Notes On A Conditional Form. While it was everything we could’ve hoped for, they couldn’t stop there. To accompany this killer album, the band presented the world with an online exhibition. The 1975 and director Ben Ditfo commissioned 14 unique artists to make artwork that responds to each of NOACF tracks. Releasing complete creative control to the artist, it brings forth each song’s original theme. All while also delivering a completely new take on them.

Christopher MacInnes Responds to ‘Streaming’

The exhibition takes on an innovative form as a YouTube Playlist. One that is available on the band’s website. No simple take on art; these artists work across a large variety of disciplines. Ones such as 3D modeling, AI, generative animation, motion capture animation, performance, robotics, and more! Talents Ai-Da, Alice Bucknell, Joey Holder, Rindon Johnson, Mia Kerin, Christopher MacInnes, Frederick Paxton, Sondra Perry, Demon Sanctuary, Jacolby Satterwhite, Most Dismal Swamp, Weirdcore, Lu Yang and Agusta Yr dive deep into the songs. By using theme and designs that resonate with the album they create magic. Themes like new-age technology, hope, love, anxiety, and violence. Touching on topics The collection of songs and exhibition alike reflect upon the present-day search for one’s self online.

The series began during isolation, mid quarantine, in May 2020. New pieces were added to the series throughout the summer. The exhibition culminated in July. It’s final piece, Lu Jang’s response to ‘Playing On My Mind.’

Lu Jang Response To ‘Playing On My Mind’

NOACF Exhibition Creates Beauty & Meaning

In today’s world, our lives are more and more screen-based, and more virtual than ever before. We are often put in fear of technology and its future. Importantly though, technology can also hold positivity. Left wondering how so, this can be accomplished when we learn to embrace it for its potential benefits. This exhibition is a highlight of all things wonderful about technology. We see the beauty and meaning it creates, as well as a new and innovative way to experience culture.

What is your favorite respond? Which song do you wish was recreated? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPop!

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