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This Summer Might Be ‘Problematic’, Let TWIN XL Take Care Of You

This Summer Might Be ‘Problematic’, Let TWIN XL Take Care Of You

The trio that is TWIN XL brings us a new bop. We were pretty blown away by ‘Melt’ when it came out, but ‘Problematic’ is the latest single from their upcoming album.

While the song is just getting an official release, it won’t be the first time fans have heard it. Live from the All The Feels tour they opened for Fitz and the Tantrums.

‘Problematic’ Live

While that’s a nice video and all, we’re incredibly excited to hear the official release, and we’re sure you are too. Check it out further down, but first, if you missed it, the guys did a little thing.

‘Melt’ live! Pretty sweet, huh?

via TWIN XL Twitter

Okay okay! We just had to give you a hard time, you know? Be a little ‘Problematic.’ Call us petty or childish, but when we see a good pun, we gotta take it. Call us like-minded if you will:

via TWIN XL Twitter

via TWIN XL Twitter

The lead up to release was pretty crazy and fun, did you get in on the action? There were two fun opportunities in store for fans that kept up with TWIN XL. A chance to win some Air Pods (wonder who the lucky one is), and you could even text the band! Pretty sweet, right? Did you save those digits?

via TWIN XL Twitter

via TWIN XL Twitter


via TWIN XL Twitter

Did you check in the discord? Maybe join in on the release fever? Without further adieu the stringing along can finally end, let’s listen to that bad boy and feel the waves of summer courtesy of TWIN XL:

‘Problematic’ Official Music Video

How about that ‘Problematic’ music video? That was an intense wait. The song itself dropped on Spotify at midnight for the world to jam to, but the music video premiered at 3 PM EST. We were practically jumping up and down in those last ten minutes.

As for the music video, TVs seem to be the guys’ main focus currently. From the Instagram posts leading up to the release, we were slightly concerned. The pictures depict the guys looking pretty beat up. Well, we weren’t disappointed if that’s even the right way to put it. Our fellows seem to have more than just a ‘Problematic’ girl on their hands…

"Go out with no makeup on
And make up all the things you’ve done
Born with such a pretty face
But you’re head is somewhere up in space"

This tune has got to go on your summer playlist. It’s as if they’re dipped in sunshine despite the melancholy lyrics. We can’t deny the quirky, spiraling tunes coming through our ear holes. You may have thought the live was the epitome, but the official release is a whole other level. These guys really know how to do a release, don’t they? Digging what we’re putting down? Worth all the torment and teasing? Well… we think so.

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"Tell me that you want me
But you don’t stay the night
I’m hangin' on ya
But I don’t know why
Imma cut right through the static
Honey, you’re so problematic"

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Featured Photo: courtesy of TWIN XL Official Twitter

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