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We Aren’t Holding Back Our Love for The Veronicas New Single

We Aren’t Holding Back Our Love for The Veronicas New Single

the veronicas-biting-my-tounge

Ahead of their 4th studio album, Human, The Veronicas have released another pop hit that will have you craving the dance floor! ‘Biting My Tongue’ tells a story of a forbidden love that is only safe hidden because if acted upon and it doesn’t work out, they couldn’t go on.

I really wanna say this

I don’t wanna lose this

Thing that we got

I’m just telling you how I feel”

Starting off slow with a soft piano, before introducing the rhythmic pop beat that transports you to the middle of a night club, you’ll have it on repeat just to get a fix. 

The video for the track goes hand in hand with the lyrics as it tells a tragic tale similar to Romeo and Juliet. Written and directed by The Veronicas, it stars Jess and Lisa besides actor, model, and musician twins Bud and Aidan Brennan Williams. 

“We’ve wanted to work with Bud and Aidan Brennan Williams for some time since connecting with them online and knew this was the perfect opportunity. They are musicians themselves, with their band We Are One. Their charisma is captivating to watch onscreen and being twins we all have an intrinsic bond in knowing how to work together in a way only twins know-how.”

The chemistry and connection on screen were unbelievable, which is understandable due to the twin bond both sides had to their advantage. This masterpiece was also the directorial debut for Lisa and Jess, which they have said just came has a “natural progression” as they continue to head all of their creative career choices.

“Having always been heavily involved with the conception and creation of all our music videos, allowing ourselves that full creative control is where we feel most fulfilled and at home. We absolutely live for it.”

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If this is what we can expect soon with other releases off of Human, then we can not wait to see what’s to come!

You can watch the video for ‘Biting My Tongue’ below. 

What did you think of the new single and its visuals? What is your favorite video from The Veronicas? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP.


Featured Image courtesy of The Veronicas Website

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