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Kakegurui: Let’s Gamble Into Madness

Kakegurui: Let’s Gamble Into Madness

There’s literally an anime for everything. Think we’re joking? Then watch Kakegurui. This show is high school students gambling for wealth and glory. Think you can hang with your luck? We recommend you take a step back and watch first.


Basically, in this high school if you want to be anybody or go anywhere you need to gamble. The philosophy is that as children of rich aristocrats you need a certain set of skills that gambling can help you hone. Negotiation, business tactics, risk and reward, financial holdings, and of course what you do with all that power… er… or lack thereof.

Risk it all after school hours. The penalty for going into debt? Becoming a house pet and if the debt is too steep, your life will hang in the balance… literally! As you can imagine, things get intense, but this school has seen nothing like the arrival of Yumeko Jabami.

Kakegurui via GIFY


We know what you come to anime for, if it’s not the compelling plot or “plot”, then it’s for those wonderful characters. The odd, the insane, and the insanely hot of course. Now, this has a good line up of cuties if you’re into those of the feminine or androgynous persuasion. Males on the other hand… well you’ll see. Today we’re just going to break it down into our main two characters and antagonist. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Ryota Suzui
Ryota Suzui via Kakegurui Wiki

Oh Suzui-san, you never thought you’d see the light of day again, did you? This is one of our protagonists, and while you may be wondering what’s so special about him… there’s literally nothing. He gave a tour and was saved by Yumeko Jabami. Although, maybe that’s why he is, in fact, so special. We’re introduced to the environment and rules of the jungle through this guy right here. He stands as a voice of reason, so to speak, and foil to Yumeko Jabami.

Yumeko Jabami
Yumeko Jabami via Kakegurui Wiki

This devilish little girl may look sweet, but don’t be fooled. She is insane. A thirst for gambling like no other, only comparable to the student council president. The more risk on the line the more she goes into orgasmic pleasure at the thought. We never said this was a clean anime. There are plenty of near sexual experiences all revolving around the pleasure of gambling. Who knew?

Word of advice, though. If you gamble with her, you better be willing to fulfill your end and give it your all. Otherwise, Yumeko’s wrath is comparable to a horror movie.

Yumeko via Kakegurui Wiki
Kirari Momobami
Kirari Momobami via Kakegurui Wiki

Finally, we come to a close on our antagonist, the person who really gets Yumeko fired up. The student council president, Kirari Momobami, is known for famously beating the former president as a first-year student. Since then, she has reformed her little aquarium into the image she so desperately loves. A realm where every gamble could end your life for good. She has grown endlessly bored, that is until Yumeko arrives.

You’re still here?

Go pull up that streaming site you so desperately love using. Start binging now. We’ve got 2 seasons with a total of 24 episodes. Season 3 won’t be here until 2021, but let us ease your craving for more… There is always manga! Read ahead of the crowd and lord the knowledge over your friends or just smirk silently while the rest of us hang on to the threads that we ended with on season 2.

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Let’s gamble into madness, shall we? Here are some pieces we’d gamble that you’d love based on this article. Whether it’s anime, YouTube, Music, and more. We’ve got you covered.

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