The Rap Up Wraps Up July On A Fabulous Note!

The Rap Up Wraps Up July On A Fabulous Note!

Welcome back to the Rap Up, where we, at the Honey POP, give you the hottest hip-hop/R&B releases from the past week! If you missed last week’s, or the week before, no biggie! Come back here when you’re ready for the music your ears crave for because you are not gonna want to miss this week’s set of releases!

Logic: No Pressure

I think we can all agree that Logic’s new album was bitter-sweet for many reasons; the main reason being that it’s going to be the last time we get new music from him. Logic warned us in advance on Instagram that No Pressure would be released in addition to his retiring; this is where the bitterness comes in. We all know the impact he had on the rap industry throughout the decade, and he’ll truly be missed. Looking on the brighter side, this is a phenomenal album, and we know that he’ll be an amazing father to LB.

You can stream No Pressure on all platforms here!

John Legend: ‘Bigger Love’ (Remix) ft. Mau y Ricky

John Legend released a remix of his single ‘Bigger Love,’ which features the Latin music duo, Mau y Ricky. Giving their own spin and flavor on the track, the artists add in their own Spanish verses. We are truly in love with this remix if you ask us. The song was already a bop, and the feature will make it even more fun to dance to. If you haven’t already, go give Bigger Love a listen if you need some more songs to make you dance or cry!

You can stream ‘Bigger Love’ (Remix) on all platforms here!

J. Cole: Lewis Street

This Wednesday, J. Cole dropped Lewis Street, which consisted of two tracks: ‘The Climb Back’ and ‘Lion King On Ice.’ Cole revealed before the release that the two tracks are the first two songs on his upcoming album The Fall Off. So far, we can see that the album will have to do with his growth as a rapper and accomplishing what he still feels need to be done. Although he hasn’t released a date for The Fall Off, we know for a fact that it will be a masterpiece, considering that he is truly taking his time on the project.

You can stream Lewis Street on all platforms here!

Gunna: WUNNA (Deluxe)

Gunna dropped the deluxe version of his album WUNNA. Giving us an extra 8 tracks, with rappers Future, Young Thug, Yak Gotti, and Nav. ‘200 For Lunch’ was a great way to open the deluxe, as it is guaranteed to hype up listeners for the tracks following. All of the deluxe tracks are catchy and are perfect for any party or car trip. As fans argue over which song is the hottest, and whether or not Lil Baby’s My Turn (Deluxe) compares, we realize just how much both of their music can both be relied on for a lit party or a good workout session.

You can stream WUNNA (Deluxe) on all platforms!

Smino: ‘Baguetti’ ft. Kenny Beats & J.I.D

Smino teamed up with Kenny Beats and J.I.D and release ‘Baguetti.’ With Smino’s signature sound (chill, yet catchy beat tied in with nice vocals), and J.I.D’s clever lyrics (If you listened to ROTD III, you know exactly what we’re talking about), we can guarantee that fellow Dreamville listeners will love this track. Not only is the message behind it meaningful, but the production puts our minds at ease.

You can stream ‘Baguetti’ on all platforms here!

Queen Naija: ‘Pack Lite’

Our R&B goddess is back with her new single ‘Pack Lite!’ Queen Naija lets all of us know that she doesn’t play when it comes to relationships and, like most women, can smell bullsh*t from miles away. It’s about time that we all recognize our worth and what we truly deserve, and Queen Naija is there to remind us all! Don’t give or open yourselves to bad vibes; demand the respect and love that you came for. Period!

You can stream ‘Pack Lite’ on all platforms here!

Ski Mask the Slump God: ‘Burn The Hoods’

Ski Mask the Slump God released his new single ‘Burn The Hoods.’ What we love the most is the fact that the music video looks like a scene right from a horror movie. Being his first release of 2020, Ski Mask is yet another rapper that’s giving a big F You to racism, and we honestly love to see it! Production-wise, we aren’t surprised; unique production with heavy beats is his specialty. The Slump God will be back with his second album soon enough, and we can’t wait.

You can stream ‘Burn The Hoods’ on all platforms here!

Rapping It Up

We are loving the new music that has been released this week, and we hope that you love it, too! Unfortunately, it’s time to rap this week up, but have no fear! We’ll be back next week to give you even better music, as The Rap Up wraps up July on a fabulous note!


What do you guys think of this week’s Rap Up? Which release was your favorite? Comment your thoughts down below, or feel free to tweet us @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter!

We will be back every Sunday to give you the new Rap/R&B feels you have been searching for! In the meantime, you can check out our Hip-POP & R&Bee category for more!

Featured Image Source: Yasmin Keskin

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