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Get Ready To Fall IN LOVE With Our ‘All My Love, Alec Brock’ Dream Cast

Get Ready To Fall IN LOVE With Our ‘All My Love, Alec Brock’ Dream Cast

We’ve read the books, we’ve met the characters, we’ve reviewed them, and now we are wishing hard that All My Love, Alec Brock gets brought to life on the big screen!

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Watching this story come to life would not only make Brockies extremely happy, but it also gives them a chance to spend more time with their favorite characters!

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We were so excited to be able to be apart of this experience and couldn’t wait to choose who we think would be the perfect fit for the Alec Brock Series characters! We know the suspense is probably driving you crazy, so Brockies, it’s time to meet our dream cast!

Main Characters

Alec Brock- Froy Gutierrez
Image Source: Storm Santos/ Prune Magazine

Froy is best known for his role as Nolan in the hit teen drama Teen Wolf. We love that show still, and we knew when we started this casting that Froy would be the best Alec. Not only his looks, but he’s also dabbled in music, and considering Alec is a pop star: it’s PERFECT!

Linda Gonzalez– Jenna Ortega
Image Source: Collin Stark/ People

Linda is a not-so-typical 17-year-old fangirl and the protagonist of our story. Like Linda, Jenna Ortega is only 17, but unlike Linda, she is a celebrity and has played a wide variety of characters. She’s had roles on the Netflix series You, Disney Channel series Stuck In The Middle, and also The CW’s Jane The Virgin. Linda and Jenna both have full lives ahead of them and the stars in their eyes, that’s why we have full faith that Jenna could pull off the lead role without a hitch!

Imposter Alec- Unknown
Image Source: The Honey POP

Imposter Alec is always there, amongst the shadows, his identity a mystery to all except him. So, no, we can’t show you his face, but keep your eyes open and stay alert, Brockies, because this character could be anyone- including someone you’re meeting today!

Alec’s Family

Oliver Brock (Alec’s Dad)- Colin Firth
Image Source: Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Does the legendary Colin Firth even need an introduction? We say no, but we’ll give him one anyway! He’s the perfect person to play the ultimate dad role. Having starred in movies such as Mamma Mia, Bridget Jones’ Diary, What A Girl Wants, Love Actually, and dozens more! We don’t think we could’ve chosen a more seasoned actor to play Alec’s dad!

Amanda Brock (Alec’s Mom)- Alicia Silverstone
Image Source: as posted by Alicia Silverstone via Instagram

Alicia has starred in dozens of movies over her nearly three-decade-long career, and today she is still probably most widely known as Claire Horowitz in one of our all-time favorite movies, Clueless! Alec’s mom in the books is a pretty seasoned actress and all-around an upstanding human being. So, we can’t think of anyone more fit to play Amanda!

Matt Brock (Alec’s Older Brother)- Douglas Booth
Image Source: as posted by Douglas Booth via Instagram

Matt is Alec’s older brother, and we couldn’t help but think about how Douglas Booth would bring the character to life better than anyone! He’s got a pretty hefty resume under his belt as well, starring as Boy George in Worried About The Boy, landing a role alongside Miley Cyrus in LOL, and he’s even played Romeo in the 2013 adaptation of the Shakespeare classic Romeo & Juliet! Oh, and did we mention Matt’s a doctor?

Benjamin (Ben) Brock (Alec’s Twin Brother)- Alex Lange
Image Source: Andrew Gleason/Luca Magazine

Ben is not only Alec’s brother but also his twin! Alex Lange and Froy have often been told they look alike, and people often think they are related. So, we had to cast him as Ben. There’s not a lot of twins in Hollywood these days, but these two actually favor so much they are the perfect pair to play twins! Alex also dabbles in music just like Ben in the book (though not quite classical,) and we would love to watch him take on the role of Ben and knock it out of the park!

Linda’s Family

Norah Davis (Linda’s Mom)- Keri Russell
Image Source: Jason Kim/Shape Magazine

Linda’s mom is not famous. She’s a normal, down-home, hard-working mother, and we needed an actress that looked the part as well as someone who would bring some of her own unique attributes to the character. That’s why we have chosen Keri Russell! Keri’s claim to fame was the starring role in the show Felicity, and she furthered her career by playing some massive roles in movies such as August Rush, Mission: Impossible 3, Bedtime Stories, Waitress, and dozens of other movies, and tv shows! Overall, Keri has the potential to bring Norah Davis to life in a special way.

Joel Gonzalez (Linda’s Dad)- Mark Consuelos
Image Source: Allie Holloway/Esquire

You know this guy, we know you do! He’s been in the acting game for a long time, bringing characters to life for decades, and most recently- Hiram Lodge in The CW’s Riverdale! Joel is a tough-love kind of guy but has a soft heart once you break through his rugged exterior, and we know that Mark Consuelos would be able to pull that off perfectly!

Caroline Gonzalez (Linda’s Stepmother)- Candice King
Image Source: as posted by Candice King via Instagram

Candice King is a long way from Mystic Falls, where she played Caroline Forbes on The Vampire Diaries! Today, she lives life as a mom and wife and an expert Instagrammer, if we do say so ourselves! She would be perfect as the role of Linda’s step-mom Caroline, who keeps Joel in check, and loves her two young children more than anything.

Claire and Jesse Gonzalez (Linda’s Half-Siblings)- Sofia Clinton/Jordan Orta

These two kiddos are young in Hollywood, and have a full career ahead of them! Plus, they are absolutely adorable! They’d be the perfect duo to play Linda’s fun-loving half-siblings!

Supporting Cast/Friends

AJ (Alec’s Bodyguard & Friend)- Ross Butler
Image Source: as posted by Ross Butler via Facebook

Ross is probably best known for his role as Zach from Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, but Ross Butler as AJ is practically a match made in heaven! AJ, who is Alec’s bodyguard and one of his oldest friends, seems like a tough guy but is really a softy, so Ross is the perfect candidate to play a level headed and down-to-earth guy like AJ. Plus, he looks good in a suit!

James McLaren (Alec’s Guitarist & Friend)- Michael Provost
Image Source: as posted by Michael Provost via Instagram

Michael is best known for his role in Netflix’s Insatiable starring alongside Debbie Ryan. James is Alec’s best friend and guitarist, and he’s always there for Alec in his times of crisis. Michael fits the role of James so well that it’s making us swoon! The main question is- can he play guitar? We don’t know, but he can always pretend, right?

Nina (Linda’s Best Friend)- Madison Pettis
Image Source: as posted by Madison Pettis via Twitter

Nina is Linda’s best friend and has been since Kindergarten. She aspires to be in the fashion industry someday, and she just so happens to be the only other person that knows about Linda’s relationship with Alec…or, not Alec? Madison is stunning inside and out, the literal embodiment of Nina, and we need her to be cast immediately!

See Also

Hailey Dawson (Alec’s Dating Rumor)- Madison Iseman
Image Source: Tiziano Lugli/Instagram

Hailey Dawson is one of Alec’s dating rumors and Ben’s childhood friend. When she’s not traveling the world as a supermodel, she’s always around—often causing trouble at the Brock’s house. Madison is best known for her role as Charlotte on the CMT series Still the King, her role in the new Jumanji, and Annabelle Comes Home. With Madison’s charm and a broad range of acting abilities, we’ve got a gut feeling she would crush the role of Hailey!

Zach McLaren (Alec’s Ex-Drummer& James Cousin) – KJ Apa
Image Source: Peter Carter/ ASOS Magazine

Ah, yes, another Riverdale Star makes our lineup! This time it’s KJ Apa, who plays Archie Andrews. We’ve cast KJ as Zach, who is James’ cousin and also an ex-friend of Alec’s. Zach is good at turning on the charm and making a statement; whether it’s good or bad, he always has a way of getting what he wants. KJ is so charming, and his acting skills are top-notch, so we have no doubt he’d make the perfect Zach!

Image Source: Tenor

Alright, Brockies, there you have it! We’ve cast the roles to the actors of our dreams, and we gotta say- we’re kind of obsessed with our cast!

Image Source: Tenor

What do you think about our cast? Did any of your fave actors/actresses make our list? Did our list meet your expectations? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram! Don’t forget the hashtags #Brockies and #AlecBrockSeries when you tweet us.

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