Johnny Suh’s ‘Sunny Side Up’ Is Exactly What Our Summer Needed

Johnny Suh’s ‘Sunny Side Up’ Is Exactly What Our Summer Needed

Johnny Suh is known for many things. He is known as lead dancer, sub-vocalist, and sub-rapper of NCT 127, who trained for more than eight years before his debut in 2017 with ‘Limitless.’ He is known for his piano playing, a photoshoot for W Korea with fellow member Jaehyun and the fact that he helped with writing and producing on NCT 127’s latest album, NCT #127 Neo Zone – The 2nd Album. 

Many non-fans may also know him for his web series, Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC), where Johnny’s charisma and love for photography, filming, and editing came together. And a few weekends ago, Johfam (a nickname that was given to fans of Johnny) and the rest of NCTzens were treated to another side of Johnny they have had been begging for -DJ.

Source: NCT 127 Official Twitter

Fans have seen pre-debut videos and were also treated to a portion of 127’s Beyond LIVE concert featuring members having a dance-off as Johnny DJed. However, when 127’s Twitter tweeted out the poster and information for Sunny Side Up, with special guest, Mark Lee, it was the solo stage they had been waiting for Johnny to have. 

Source: YouTube

Serving It Sunny Side Up

While only 40 minutes, the serotonin boost that fans got while watching was massive as they witnessed an admittedly nervous Johnny do his thing. Not only were his mixes good, including songs like ‘bad guy’ by Billie Eilish, and even a remix of NCT 127’s ‘Love Me Now,’ but seeing him in his element and doing what he has expressed an interest in was extremely rewarding. NCTzens trended #DJ_JOHNNY_SUNNYSIDEUP worldwide, and a highlight was getting to watch Mark’s dancing on the sidelines, being the perfect hype man for Johnny the entire time.

If that wasn’t enough, the boys also performed two individual songs for fans. One was a new song called ‘Bad Smell’ that they had finished only a couple hours before going live. The other was a live performance of ‘QTAH,’ a project that the pair had released back in May. 

Source: YouTube

Behind The Scenes

The hype around Johnny’s set hasn’t died down either. This past week, a new episode of JCC released, showing how much preparation Johnny did for his live performance. It looks at all the preparations that go into a set, from practicing to choosing the songs, and also some insight into how Johnny’s mind works when it comes to music; we see this when a clip shows him taking into consideration that EDM may not be music his fans are too familiar with, thus him trying to come up with a combination of songs that will work and appeal to them. 

Source: YouTube

There have been multiple hints of there being future episodes of Sunny Side Up; Johnny mentioned these himself during the live and in recent posts on the 127’s official Twitter. We hope that these future episodes come through and that our summer is made better with the music Johnny has to show us. 

Source: NCT 127 Official Twitter

2020: The Year of Johnny

2020 has undoubtedly been an incredible year for Johnny, who has blossomed as an artist. There is no denying the confidence that he exudes while performing on stage and how captivating he is to watch. Johnny getting to express himself in terms of his music has been a long-awaited moment for the fans who have been with Johnny throughout different parts of his career. There are still a few months left in 2020, and we can only imagine what else Johnny has to bring to the table. Safe to say we’re looking forward to it.

Did you watch Sunny Side Up? Are you hoping for more live sets from Johnny? Let us know in the comments or tweet as at @TheHoneyPOP!

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