Do You Think They Play Jeremy Zucker At ‘supercuts’?

Do You Think They Play Jeremy Zucker At ‘supercuts’?

With his first release since his debut album love is not dying, Jeremy Zucker is back and we’re loving it. He’s got a new song out called ‘supercuts,’ and, well, we’re super happy listening to it. We’ve been yearning for new music and we finally got it, and of course, Jeremy didn’t disappoint.

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He’s had this song for a while now before finally releasing it, and you know how glad we are that he did? It’s a chill, laid-back song that’s about a relationship that’s doomed to fail. The song is also really fun because the lyrics are more realistic to experiences, like not wanting to see your ex’s mom.

I actually wrote ‘supercuts’ about a year ago in Sweden with Max Martin’s camp, so it’s a song that I’ve been sitting on for a while and waiting for the right time. ‘supercuts’ is about the fear of being complacent and ending up where you started, which for me was a small town in the suburbs of New Jersey. The idea of seeing your ex’s mom at the Supercuts in the mall is really just the most sarcastically exaggerated way of portraying that life, to me. Despite being a more upbeat record, there is this sarcastic, self-loathing tone behind my performance. It’s quite fun.

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The video for ‘supercuts’ is chill just like the song, just Jeremy relaxing on a boat as it sails the water, with his hair and his shirt getting blown by the wind. But does he care? Nope. He just casually lays back and sings the song.

Listen to ‘supercuts’ by Jeremy Zucker here, and watch the lyric video below!

Do you love it? We do. So many music videos can be filled with scenes and ideas but he went simple for this and we’re so happy with the result.

And while we’re listening to Jeremy’s new song, why not take a moment to listen to his debut album love is not dying? It’s gotten over 2 billion streams globally, so you can understand how good it is. Check it out here!

Let us know what you think of ‘supercuts’ by Jeremy Zucker by commenting below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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