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Kamille, Hidden Gems You Didn’t Know You Needed

Kamille, Hidden Gems You Didn’t Know You Needed

Kamille is a woman of many talents. A wonderful artist and prolific writer. We were surprised at first, but who are we kidding? A queen like Kamille does the most. Her songwriting is signed to Simon Cowell’s label Simco, under BMG publishing. As an artist, though, she is under her own label Pure Cut, also under BMG. Writers are the shadows of the music world, so let’s shine a little light on these accomplishments. Here are 8 songs you may not know she wrote.

Reggaeton Lento Remix – CNCO ft Little Mix

This song is great, wanna know why? It is meaty and tells a story. You can tell that a lot of care and thought went into each verse. Plus, the song combines two languages in the perfect balance. This song makes the best dance tune making for a night of flirty fun and excitement.

"Excuse me baby boy, just had to dance with you now
See there's nobody in here that comes close to you, no
Your hands are on my waist, my lips you wanna taste
Come muévete, muévete, muévete
Our bodies on fire, with full of desire
If you feel what I feel, throw your hands up higher
And to all the ladies around the world
Go ahead and muévete, muévete, muévete"

You Don’t Know Love – Olly Murs

For this one, we’re taking the mood down a little bit and finding some self-empowered determination.

"You don't know love till it
Tears up your heart and cuts in it
Leaves you with scars you're still feeling
You don't know love"

Perfectly poetic lyrics. We’re in love with how perfect these verses are crafted. Truly to know the best you need to know the worst. We still get that beautiful dance club feeling. This really displays the versatility of Kamille’s writing collaborations. Happy and fun or hurting and bitter. We can’t wait to show you even more!

The Hurt Game – The Script

"And even though when I know that it's over
Why am I still looking over my shoulder at you?
At you?
If we don't forgive and forget and start over
Just know that nobody's ever come closer than you
Than you
In the hurt game"

Get your tissues ready. Knowing The Script, we expected this kind of song, but the fact Kamille helped write it? Wow. We’re quickly getting whiplash. The lyrics are walking us through an uncertain time. We’re at the cusp of the end, and we don’t quite feel ready, but we know we can’t deny it. True and pure love is expressed here in these lyrics. A bleeding heart out on display. Oh man, do we feel it.

Ring Ring – Jax Jones ft Mabel & Rich The Kid

Are we on an uptick? Maybe not yet. We have to experience a range of emotions here. This song has us cursing the dishonesty of another. Kamille knows what’s up. Girls aren’t stupid. You can’t mess around then expect your significant other not to know what’s up. This song is more focused on catchy one-liners accompanied by a sentence here and there giving us the story going down. This just goes to show that flowery words don’t always need to be the move.

"Ring ring (Calling late night for ya)
Are you there? (They gon' make up on ya)
Hello? (I am hopping on the way ya)
Are you there? You there? You there?
Ring ring (Calling late night for ya)
Are you there? (They gon' make up on ya)
Hello? (I am hopping on the way ya)
Are you there? You there? You there?"

Kamille also provided some backup vocals for this one.

Cool – Dua Lipa

Yes! We’re getting that dose of serotonin in this one. Finally, on an uptick this time around.

"Got me losin' all my cool
'Cause I'm burnin' up on you
In control of what I do
And I love the way you move
We'll get the heat and the thrill
Gives you more than any pill
Never runnin' out of juice
When it's only me and you
You got me, you got me losin' all my cool
I guess we're ready for the summer"

Bring on that summertime heat and flirty feeling. This song gives us all the best of summer while keeping it cool… well trying to. Capturing the nervous jitters and desires of a new crush or possible fling. Things are looking bright, and we’re loving the groove of the chorus. Writing can take you so many places. Kamille really killed it with this one.

Solo – Clean Bandit ft Demi Lovato

This song is fun to sing and empowering. Kamille actually provides some vocals on this song as well.

"Since you've been gone
I've been dancing on my own
There's boys up in my zone
But they can't turn me on
'Cause baby you're
The only one I'm coming for
I can't take no more
No more, no more"

Breaking up is hard, and finding yourself can be harder, but so much more rewarding. Things will be hard at first. The music may seem dimmer, and the lights a little less bright. Eventually, though, you’ll find beauty in the things you love again! Upbeat despite the hurt. We gotta love it.

I’ll Be There – Jess Glynne

Like any good writer, Kamille draws on experience. With this one, we know there was some major heartbreak involved. This song just soothes the sting too good.

“When it’s Friday night and the drink don’t work the same
And you’re alone with yourself and there’s no one else to blame
When you still can’t feel the rhythm of your heart
And you see your spirit fading in the dark”

Getting through hard times is made so much better by the people around you. There’s just something so comforting about hearing or knowing someone is there to love you when you’re down. The ultimate comfort song. Kamille and Jess are actually pretty close. Makes the beauty of this song that much stronger. We’re not crying, you’re crying!

See Also

Holiday – Little Mix

Kamille has expressed her love of working with Little Mix, and Little Mix just loves how Kamille can pull songs just for them. Kamille just gets them. Writing isn’t just meant for yourself but for others too. As we saw in the last song, sometimes you write to pick others up. With Little Mix, Kamille seems to draw out just what these girls want to say.

Perfectly clever. A person feeling like a ‘Holiday’. We love it and Little Mix did too.

"Can we make it all night?
We don't stop all up on my body babe, ooh
Touch me like a summer night, you feel like a holiday, ooh-ooh
Up all night, we don't stop feel up on my body, babe
We're just dancing the night away
Boy, you feel like a holiday"

Like we’ve said a million times over, Kamille is clever and just gets it. Whether she’s writing for herself or others. She nails what needs to be said, and reads the room to say it in just the right way that leads to these amazing hits. We know it takes at least two to tango with some of these songs (multiple writers and all), but we cannot deny the shine of Kamille’s influence on each of these songs.

We love a queen who works for her dreams! Ah! So many amazing songs. What did you think? We nail it? What’s your favorite song Kamille has written? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP. Facebook and Instagram are also always good go to-es!

Need more music to listen to? We’ve got tons of suggestions here at THP. Not just music but movies, TV, and we like to dabble in anime, books, and YouTube too. There’s a place for you here at The Honey POP.

To learn more about Kamille:

Song choices courtesy of Jazmin Williams

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