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Zheani is Turning Up The Heat With ‘Lava’

Zheani is Turning Up The Heat With ‘Lava’

If you don’t know Zheani, you haven’t been paying attention. She’s pretty badass with a killer sense of style to match. We covered her Softer Side and snagged her on The Rap Up. Now we’ve got an all-new music video to take the temperature sky high.


"I ain’t gonna fall ya, hold on to my soul
Midas for the gold ya, if it’s true be told
Carbine going off, palm tree volley ball
I ain’t gonna fall yeah, I ain’t gonna fall
(My gun, my gun, bang bang)"
Zheani Lava Music Video

If we know anything about this girl it’s that she’s been through it. These lyrics emulate that. She’s not going down. Zheani is here despite the haters, despite the places she’s been. The music video is even more interesting giving into her duality. In the lyrics, we get a taste of that with:

"Holiday in Japan ya, holiday in Hong Kong
Booty in a thong ya, go off with a bang
Lady Peter Pan ya, Tinker Bell with a plan
Hakuna Matat-y, let’s have a pool party"

Tying in Disney and defining her image as a manic pixie girl that likes to party but maybe a little soft under it all? The music video stars Zheani with a white horse, goats, and her clothing is also white not to mention the cottage core vibes. The phrase “prince on a white horse” is often said when people want to be saved. Here this puts her in the position of the prince and damsel, she’s her own savior. She knows what she wants, she knows her desires. “My desire, feel like lava”

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Featured Image courtesy of Zheani ‘Lava’ Screenshot

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