5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan DAY6

5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan DAY6

Looking for reasons to stan DAY6? We got you.

DAY6 is one of the few live bands in Kpop and they’ve been around for a while now: they debuted under JYP Entertainment back in 2015 as a six-member band, but they’re now five: Sungjin (leader and guitarist), Jae (guitarist), Young K (bassist), Wonpil (keyboardist) and Dowoon (drummer).

You probably have heard of them or heard one of their songs, even without realizing it, but here are one of the few reasons why you should stan DAY6.

Image source: JYP Entretainement

1. They’re an amazing band live

If you like bands like 5 Seconds of Summer or All Time Low, DAY6 is definitely the band for you.

DAY6 is one of the few bands in Kpop at the moment, and they’re amazing at doing what they do. Not only their skills on their respective instruments are phenomenal but their vocals are also beyond belief. They have four main vocalists with very different voices that somehow fit perfectly together. With Sungjin raspiness, Wonpil’s emotion, Young K’s wide range, and Jae’s unique voice, you’ll be blown away by their talent. And let’s not forget about Dowoon’s, even though he only sings in a couple of songs, his voice always makes those songs extra special.

If you wanna hear another acoustic performance, check out their cover of ‘History’ by One Direction, as well as other Kpop groups covering 1D songs here.

2. They have a song for everything

Don’t let the fact that they’re a band fool you, they still are one of the Kpop groups with the most diverse discography out there.

Their discography goes from comforting songs, to songs to cry to, to something you can dance to, and even more. It’s not only about the lyrics, but it’s also their style of music, they’re not afraid to experiment. That’s why it’s difficult to fit DAY6 in just one genre of music as their music goes from retro like in ‘Days Gone By’, to a typical pop-rock song like ‘Shoot Me’, to something more experimental like ‘Emergency’, or even rock and roll like ‘Sweet Chaos’.

However, all of these songs have a DAY6 feel to it. In other words, there’s no way you can get bored listening to them, and whatever you’re feeling they have a song for it.

3. Their lyrics

Not only they play their own instruments, but they also write their own lyrics. Young K has most of their songs under his name and has even written for other artists like GOT7 and Eric Nam. Sungjin, Jae, and Wonpil have also written a lot of songs for the band, and Jae has written all of his solo songs which can be found on his Youtube Channel and Soundcloud.

If you’re all about deep and meaningful lyrics, you’ve come to the right place. They usually have very relatable lyrics for whenever you’ve been hurt or you feel alone. You’ll for sure find comfort in their lyrics.

4. Their friendship

They have one of the most wholesome and funny friendships out there. Some of the members have known each other for about eight years, and it shows. Even though they clearly care about each other a lot, they’re also consistently teasing each other which makes their dynamic so fun to watch. Their love and support towards each other is so precious though.

5. Their humor

When we say these guys are funny, we really mean it. No matter what interview or video you watch of them as a group or individually, it is impossible not to crack a smile. It takes one look at Jae’s twitter account (@Jae_Day6) to understand what we mean, his podcasts in English for Dive Studios and his youtube channel are also a great way to get started. Young K has also started to post youtube videos to their channel. Overall, there’s plenty of group and solo content to look for and we promise you that you’re gonna laugh. But what we love the most by far is seeing them together.

DAY6 are an amazing band that deserves your attention and we’ll hope that you’ll fall in love with them and their music as much as we did.

Do you already stan DAY6? What’s your favorite thing about them? Let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook!


Featured image: Courtesy of JYP Entertainement

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