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Grayscale Sets Up Shop, The Barber Shop, That Is

Grayscale Sets Up Shop, The Barber Shop, That Is

Do you know how lucky you are to be living through the era of music that includes Grayscale? We do. Now let us remind you why:

We’ve been more than open about our love for Philadelphia bands, so it makes perfect sense Grayscale resides there. Pals Colin Walsh (Vocals), Dallas Molster (Guitar), Andrew Kyne (Guitar), Nick Ventimiglia (Bass), and Nick Veno (Drums) just yesterday dropped EP Live From The Barber Shop via Fearless Records. We’re here to tell you what we think.

Offical Grayscale Ep Artowrk
Official Grayscale EP Art

Straight Groovin’

Three perfectly-reimagined versions of the band’s sophomore album Nella Vita adorn this EP. The album arrived remarkably perfected last September, and we haven’t stopped spinning it since. Each of the three songs are “reworked” version enriching qualities of additional musicians and instruments. We’re aware that Grayscale has a sense of complexity and latitude that is unmatchable, but this EP even more than demonstrates both in the band’s songwriting skills.

The band started by sharing the video for ‘Baby Blue (Reworked)’ Delightfully retro and inviting it embodies everything we love about this band. They are straight GROOVIN‘, and we find it absolutely magical, and you? You can catch it here:

Grayscale – ‘Baby Blue [Reworked]’

Painkiller Weather’ is one of the most heart-breakingly beautiful songs to grace our earwaves for decades. We didn’t think it was possible to make this song better, but damn these dudes did the damn thing. The use of piano? It was made for this song. Who can we thank? Sykler Patzer. Patzar is the human behind that lovely little piano arrangement on Punk Goes Acoustic ‘Atlantic’ track. Molster had written the acoustic, bass, and drum loop parts for this one, and sent it off to Patzar. And there, a masterpiece was created. 

Grayscale – ‘Painkiller Weather [Reworked]’

They say you save the best for last, and while we’re not saying, we kind of are. If you’ve been lucky enough to see this band live, then you know they show out for this one. So, we wouldn’t expect anything less here. Oh, and vocals, vocals, VOCALS. So good they make us want to scream.

Grayscale – ‘What’s On Your Mind [Reworked]’

The band was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by an extensive musical influence. Dallas Molester guitarist and producer for the EP explains, “We were drawn to everything from jazz, classic rock, hip-hop and anything in between. We saw this as an opportunity to rearrange our songs in totally different styles and to tap into some different musical influences than usual.”

Grayscale from Live From The Barber Shop Studio

This EP holds close to the heart for all of them but is an exceptionally special project for Dallas. The first time he produces a collection of songs for the band from the beginning to end. A unique opportunity as he played both the role of producer and musician, we can’t give this man enough credit. Setting up shop, the Barbershop to be exact, the band teamed up with friend Brett Romones. Brett took on mixing for this project and was a right-hand mand to Molster as they set up arrangements for each of the three very distinctive sounding songs. A first-time opportunity, the band got to play their songs with musicians outside of the group. Each of these additional musicians allowed the song to take on an entirely new life. Molster notes, ‘[…]We couldn’t be more excited to share them with the world.”

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Forever grateful they’re willing to share. Kind, compassionate, and god damn talented, the continued success of Grayscale is both warranted and well deserved.

What’s your favorite ‘Reworked’ song off the EP? Let us know, it’s for SCIENCE. Comment down below or hit usr @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Official Grayscale Facebook

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