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Fresh Music Friday: The Vamps, Billie Eilish, ATEEZ, and MORE!

Fresh Music Friday: The Vamps, Billie Eilish, ATEEZ, and MORE!

Welcome to Fresh Music Friday; where every week we at The Honey POP will be giving you the lowdown on this week’s sweetest releases! Here’s your chance to see what your faves have been up to as well as discover some new music which you can easily fall in love with.

‘Married in Vegas’ – The Vamps

This is The Vamps like we’ve never heard them before. It seems this new era is bringing with it an all new sound and we are stoked! With out-of-this-world vocals, killer guitar riffs, subtle piano, and those explosive drum beats we couldn’t have asked for a better song to kickstart the new era and kickoff the new album. It’s everything we could’ve asked for and more all wrapped up and tied together in one unbelievable package. This song is definitely high on our list of favorite songs of 2020!

Listen to the single here

‘My Future’ – Billie Eilish

This music video has some beautiful animation. Billie Ellish brings it again with new song and music video ‘My Future’. Seemingly very anime inspired, the music video brings us a step closer to nature. The rain before the rainbow if you will. Depicting an animated Billie chilling in the rain and experience a new dawn of growth and beauty the future is sure to give. We love the lyrics, fall in love with all the potential at your fingers tips and blast ‘My Future’ by Billie Eillish. We at Fresh Music Friday can’t wait to meet out future selves.

Listen to the single here

ZERO: Fever pt 1 – ATEEZ

ATEEZ has released another album and it is a hit!. It opens up with a talking interlude ‘Dear Diary: 2016.07.29’ and closes with a really nice track ‘One Day At A Time’ both really unique and good. The tracks off the album all have really good beats to them, even if some of them aren’t as prominent as some of the other tracks off the album. The lyrics and vocals are also really nice!. We can even imagine global radio play for these tracks. We would also advice you on watching the music video for track ‘INCEPTION’ – you won’t regret it.

Listen to the album here

Happiness – McFly

It’s been a hot minute, but McFly are BACK! The new single ‘Happiness’ signifies just what the title says, happiness. Utterly in love, it seems, this song lifts your spirit and actually makes you smile. Unsure, not knowing it prior, the lyrics spout ‘If this is happiness, I don’t mind having it.’ Well, we at Fresh Music Friday don’t mind having this song. This is the type of song that makes you want to get up and dances around carelessly and those vocals? Shew.

Listen to the single here

Collabs – Halsey

Sooo Halsey just dropped a Collabs EP and said nothing about it? Yep. Well, turns out her label decided to drop an album filled with all her collabs so fans could have them all in one place! The fandom is now fed and happy and listening to Halsey’s collabs such as the chilling ‘SUGA’s Interlude’ featuring BTS‘s Suga, and the iconic ‘Without Me’ featuring the late Juice WRLD as many times as we can, after all, all her collabs have special places in our hearts. Alright everyone, let’s thank Halsey’s label for dropping this for us.

Listen to the EP here

‘My Oasis’ – Sam Smith ft Burna Boy

Sam Smith is back with an effortlessly smooth tune, but this time with Burna Boy! This new track ‘My Oasis’ is the groovy and lyrical masterpiece we’ve been crying out for this summer and Sam has finally delivered the goods. What’s more, if lyric videos are your thing, the visuals are honestly to die for!

Listen to the single here

‘Bad Alive (English Version)’ – WayV

Okay, you need to go and watch the music video for ‘Bad Alive’ when you can. This week, WayV released the English version of this song from their latest album, Awaken The World, and we can’t stop watching. The song features the boys singing in English, Korean, and Chinese, and was described as “bad boys who fall in love.” WayV completely captivates in this video, and it’s not hard to see why fans are going crazy for them this year.

While the set that boys are on may not be flashy in design, you don’t take note of this as they fill the space with their intense choreography. The seven members carry the feel for this song in their performance, and it makes you come back to watch even more. WayV continues to show that they have what it takes, and they own it, which is something we are very grateful for.

Listen to the single here

‘Who’s Laughing Now’ – Ava Max

Ava Max shows how powerful she can be with her new song ‘Who’s Laughing Now.’ The music video starts by showing ‘Side B: Hell,’ indicating what’s to come by watching the video. The video takes us across various scenes of Ava as different characters (which she looks absolutely perfect as each one) that they’re portraying as crazy, but she’s showing them she can be stronger than they think, so ‘Who’s Laughing Now?’ The track is fun and badass at the same time, making us feel like we can do anything, no matter who doubts us.

Listen to the single here

‘Khaos x4’ – Poppy

Get those feet jumping cause this is the next best thing to a mosh pit you’re getting. Energy is on 10 plus. The perfect song for a live show. Poppy has released ‘Khaos x4’ and damn are we loving it. Headbang and throw those elbows. The lyrics are inviting everything, anything chaos has to offer. Poppy’s sweet voice comes off anime esque and high pitched but the driving beats give us a rush of adrenaline. Invite a little excitement into your life and listen to ‘Khaos x4’ by Poppy.

Listen to the single here

‘Spring Flower’ – LOONA Chuu

‘Spring Flower’ by LOONA member Chuu, is a sweet track off of K-Drama ‘Into The Ring’. Chuu’s beautiful voice paired with the beautiful lyrics, made for a really good song that we will be listening to on repeat. As soon as the news released about the track Orbits were ready to stream, which they did. So far the track has reached iTunes #1 spot in 21 countries. Congratulations to Chuu on her first OST, we’re sure it’s the first of many for her and for LOONA!

Listen to the single here

‘Buzz Cut’ – LovelyTheBand

We at Fresh Music Friday are big fans of lovelytheband. If you’re no newbie, then you know this about us. No surprise here that new single ‘buzz cut’ is featured in our ever so special FMF! It’s like these guys can’t make a bad song. A long song that provides us quality content, we just feel right about this one. Full of summertime vibes, it’s dancy but moody enough to make us feel.

Listen to the single here

‘What You Gonna Do?’ – Bastille

Bastille embodies every badass quality we love in artists. Hearing ‘What You Gonna Do?’ only further proves our point here. A true banger, this song has the potential to be our new favorite Bastille song. Picture yourself, listening to this song, jamming out, and singing your lungs out. What are you gonna do? We recommend listening to this song NOW.

Listen to the single here

‘Move Ya Hips’ – A$AP Ferg, Nicki Minaj, MADEINTYO

‘Move Ya Hips’ by A$AP Ferg is a real banger, but the truth is it’s the collab here that really sells. Featuring Nicki Minaj & MADEINTYO this one is full of flows, and we simply can’t get enough. Nicki straight kills it with her verse, all while carrying a baby. Man, women are badass. This one is a perfect addition to any summertime playlist, and a bop we certainly would move our hips to.

Listen to the single here

‘LA Who Am I To Love You’ – Lana Del Rey

LA, the city of dreamers and nobodies all wanting to be somebody. They hang around so long wondering if they ever really had a dream. Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass is the latest poetry book from Lana del Ray and we must say this one is compelling. Spoken by Lana herself we take a trip through 30 poems and some photography. You can listen to this 5 minute excerpt to get a taste of just how interesting this book is going to be. Set to release September 29th, we’re on the edge of our seat and a sucker for poetry. Speak of LA like a lover.

Listen to the single here

‘I Should Probably Go To Bed’ – Dan & Shay

‘I Should Probably Go To Bed’ by Dan + Shay is something we just can’t deny. That piano shakes our soul while the vocals soothe it just right. The lyrics telling us to not undo the work we’ve so desperately achieved in getting over someone. No matter how tempting. No matter how close. The time and energy we put in should not be wasted. Like any master of emotional turmoil the only true answer? Go to bed. Clear your head. The end breaks down into near gospel passion and we’re left hurting. ‘I Should Probably Go To Bed’ by Dan + Shay, yurn for something lost in the safety of a song.

Listen to the single here

See Also

‘BOOM BANG (붐뱅)’ – M.O.N.T

Let’s take a step back! Relax, relax. It’s summer time and our boys M.O.N.T are encouraging some rest and relaxation. Last night a new song and music video for ‘Bang Boom’ dropped. The music video is adorable with the guys playing with various small toys, floating in a pool, and all around having a good time in tropical bliss. Full of beautiful smiles, how could anyone not relax? You’re bound to get this one stuck in your head. Find yourself singing the chorus of this bop by listening to ‘Boom Bang’ by M.O.N.T. – Fresh Music Friday approved!

Listen to the single here

‘Lie For You’ – Snakehips & Jess Glynne ft Davido & Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Snakehips & Jess Glynne is a power combination that we can’t help but fall in love with. ‘Lie For You’ is one of THE funkiest bops that we’ve heard this month! If you’re into rap, then this song is for you. If you’re into power vocals, then this song is also for you. In fact, we’re convinced that everyone will catch themselves having a lil dance around to this track!

Listen to the single here

The Other Side – Eric Nam

Eric Nam is back with his new mini-album, The Other Side, and after listening to it, we wish it was longer. Eric has always been able to give listeners a mix of different types of music, and he was able to cover a wide range of emotion with just these four new songs. There are songs like ‘Trouble With You,’ ‘Paradise,’ and ‘Down For You,’ which are more upbeat in sound and play around with synthesized sounds, then there songs like “How You Been” and the Korean version of ‘Love Die Young,’ which are a bit more somber but still so good. This style and vibe of the album is one that fits Eric’s voice beautifully and his musical talent shines bright with this collection. We at Fresh Music Friday are happy he has decided to share it with us!

Listen to the album here

‘Always’ – Keshi

There is something special when it comes to Keshi’s music. It’s how he can capture everything he is feeling into a song, and how his music fits his velvety voice perfectly. His new song, ‘Always,’ is another example of how talented a musician he is. This song’s vibe resonates with many who will listen, but the music video also shows him putting together the track and performing it from the comfort of an at-home studio. It comes together perfectly, and ‘Always” showcases that Keshi puts 150% into his music every time. We can’t get enough of his sound!

Listen to the single here

Hello Summer – APRIL

Though it isn’t too long, Hello Summer by April is still really good and something you should listen to. We think especially how summer is going, we all need a little cheering up and who better than April to do just that. The tracks ‘Now or Never’ and ‘Paradise’ you can play while imagining yourself at a summer party, but from your home. They are really cute and good tracks that we know people will be adding to their summer playlists.

Listen to the album here

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Words: Jazmin Williams, Dani King, Dakota Ash, Rachel Collucci, Valerie Valdez, Brooke Gray, Sophie McCarthy, Emily Defoor

Featured Image Source:  The Vamps via Twitter | Frazer Harrison for Spotify | ATEEZ via Twitter

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